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Fill My Belly Button With Your Cum


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Do you like my bellybutton? I show off my stomach, moving my hips, as you stare at my navel. I run my fingers slowly up and down my stomach. I’d love to have your nice, huge load inside of my bellybutton. I want you to fill it with your cum. Please fill it with your cum. Don’t you want to touch it? Come here, and touch it. I reach for your hand, and you run your fingers down my navel, as I continue to move my stomach for you. Mmm… It’s so sensitive. You want to cum inside of it, don’t you? Why don’t you come closer? I pull you by your cock, and lay on the bed, telling you to touch my bellybutton. I want you to fill every bit of it. I need your cum inside of it. You put your finger inside of it, and I take your hand–directing it around my navel. You rub your cock inside my bellybutton, and begin to pump it, as I beg for your cum to fill the inside of it. I continue to tease you, sucking my stomach in, as you stroke your cock for me. You rub your pre-cum inside of it, touching it with your finger, and continue to pump your cock. You finally cum inside of my bellybutton, filling it with your huge load, and I show you how it drips down my stomach.

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Fill My Belly Button With Your Cum