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Housewife Gets Messy With Smoothie Recipe


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I’m going to teach you how to make a mango-orange smoothie with four basic ingredients.

I am wearing nothing, but a black apron and high heels, as I walk away to get each ingredient. I show each ingredient off, as I seductively explain how much of each to use–diced mangoes, sliced bananas, plain yogurt, and orange juice. As I explain each ingredient, I slowly reveal more of my chest, as I fold the apron over, and begin to “test” each ingredient. I grab a piece of mango, exposing my chest, and lick it slowly, before putting it in my mouth and chewing it up. I test the sliced banana, seductively and slowly, running it down my tongue, and then finally eating it. I drink a sample of the orange juice, and then put my finger in the plain yogurt–licking it clean.

After all of the ingredients have been tested, they need to be blended together to make your smoothie. I add the ingredients into the blender, one by one, as I tease you with my body. I smile seductively, telling you how delicious the fruits are. Once everything has been added, I seal it with the lid, and get ready to mix it. Before it starts mixing, I get naked, and walk in front of the table. I twist the cap, and as it is blending, I put the vibrating blender between my legs. It feels so warm and good, as it vibrates against my pussy. I moan from pleasure, as the ingredients mix into a perfect smoothie. After a couple of minutes, I sigh from relief, and turn the blender off. I open the cap, and taste the smoothie. Mmm… Delicious. I pour the rest of the mango-orange smoothie all over my body–rubbing it into my tits, stomach, pussy, and ass. I continue to massage my body with the mixture, as I moan from pleasure. Look at this mess I’ve made. “And that’s exactly how you make a mango-orange smoothie.”

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Housewife Gets Messy With Smoothie Recipe