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Sex Fembot Malfunction


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The owner of a Sexbot comes home from a long day at work, and is ready to relax. He pulls down his pants, and powers on his Sexbot. She responds to his power on by saying, “Hello, user 287. What can I do for you today?” The Sexbot stands still and frozen, until he gives her another command with his remote control. He programs her to walk towards him, and she asks if he would like a slow, sensual striptease. She slowly, and robotically, goes up and down her body with her hands, as she encourages him to stroke his cock for her. However, before she can take off her lingerie, he needs to enter a four digit code. The owner’s wife has put a parental lock on the Sexbot, jealous of how much time he’s been spending with her, and he can’t continue any further engagement until the correct code is processed. He gets mad, but attempts the code, as his Sexbot stands still until further command. “Access denied. Two attempts left. Please try again with your four digit code.” The owner attempts two more codes, but fails miserably, and is told that he can no longer attempt another code until 24 hours has passed. Horny and frustrated, he throws his remote control at the wall, and shatters it into pieces. The Sexbot begins to malfunction, as she makes jagged movements–repeating words and phrases. Her firmware has been destroyed, and she struggles to work correctly. “Would you like me to tou- tou- tou- touch your cock?” She alternates between the parental lock, and her job to function as a Sexbot. Because she is malfunctioning, she begins to strip down, but frequently reminds the owner to enter a four digit code for the parental lock. The Sexbot often freezes, with blank stares, during her malfunctions, and then continues to try and engage her owner in sexual conduct. Her hip, arm, and leg movements become very jagged, and she begins to malfunction so badly that her head twists in different directions. She finally breaks down and powers off. “Firmware is destroyed.”

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Sex Fembot Malfunction