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Pills Turn Mommy Into Sex Crazed Fiend For Son




A geeky, conservative mom comes back from a friend’s house, opens her bag, and looks at the foreign pill bottle that her friend has given her. She reads, from the description on the bottle, that they are pills to make you young and vibrant. Mommy immediately becomes skeptical, especially since her friend always calls her old and cranky, but continues to read out of curiosity. The bottle says to only take half a dosage, which is half a pill, in order to feel young and vibrant, and to increase your libido. It does warn, however, not to take more than half a dosage because you will experience exaggerated effects. Mommy doubts that the pills will even work, so she decides to go ahead and just take a whole pill–completely ignoring the warnings.

She already starts doubting the pills, calling it a waste because she doesn’t feel the “young and vibrant,” as the bottle has promised her. Mommy lays down, disappointed with the results, and continues to criticize the ridiculous effects the bottle suggests. Shortly after, she begins to feel something, but can’t figure out what it is. She stretches her body out, and rolls her eyes in ecstasy, as she rubs her pussy outside of her pants. She begins exclaiming that she feels good, but can’t control the effects of the pills, and ends up rolling off the bed.

She gets up from the floor, and has completely transformed! Mommy is now a sex-crazed fiend, and can’t stop thinking about sex, and touching herself. She crawls to the edge of the bed, and begins to rub her tits, commenting on how perky they are. She moans as she touches her body, and admires her ass, but desperately needs to fuck someone. Mommy decides that she REALLY needs to test how well these pills work. She needs to find someone who would be able to resist her. Her son! “If he can’t resist me, then nobody can.” She gets excited at the idea of seducing her son, and calls him into her room.

Mommy begins seducing her son, as she tries to get him to admit that he’s wanted her for a while. She unbuttons his shirt, runs her tongue up his chest, and rubs her hand on his cock, from outside of his jeans. “Let Mommy touch it. You know you want Mommy to touch it, don’t you?” She opens her top, and comments on how he can’t resist her, as she opens his pants. Mommy jerks off her son, and tells him that she needs his cock. “You know that would feel so good if you put inside of Mommy… My big boy wants his Mommy, doesn’t he?” She is so overwhelmed with the side effects of the pills that she takes off her thong, licks her fingers, and makes herself wet for her son’s cock. He puts his hard cock inside of her, and he begins to fuck her doggystyle. “I knew you couldn’t resist your Mommy.” She moans from pleasure as he fucks her, and praises his hard cock inside of her.

After a while, she tells her son to let Mommy ride his cock. She gets on top of him, and alternates between bouncing on his cock, and then grinding her pussy back and forth on it. “Mommy’s pussy is so wet.” Mommy demands that her son get on top of her, and he puts his cock into her missionary style. He fucks her, as moans and pants, and then tells him that she wants his cum into her mouth. She can hardly control herself–the effects are too strong, and Mommy is so horny! She gets on her knees, and he cums a huge load into her mouth. She swallows his cum, and licks her lips. “See, I knew you couldn’t resist Mommy.”

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Pills Turn Mommy Into Sex Crazed Fiend For Son

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