POV Toilet Dunking Domination BJ and Doggystyle




Your girlfriend is cleaning the bathroom with just her gloves, bra, and black tights. You’re horny, and you need her NOW. As you walk into the bathroom, you unclip her bra, take her by the hair, and drag her down onto the bathroom floor. You stick your cock into her mouth, throat-fucking her, as she drools and gags on your cock. After your cock is hard and wet, you stick her head into the toilet, and pull down her pantyhose. You love to degrade her, and you know she loves having her head in the toilet. You fuck her doggystyle, as she is standing, and she rests her head inside of the toilet bowl. She moans from pleasure, and you hold her side with your hand, as you thrust your hard cock inside of her. She is a whore, and she deserves to be degraded.

Just as you are about to cum, you pull your cock out, and begin to jerk off. She kneels, as her head is in the toilet, and you cum all over the back of her neck. She pulls her wet hair out of the toilet, and looks at you with her runny mascara.

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POV Toilet Dunking Domination BJ and Doggystyle