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Sexy Chick With Red Lipstick Facefucked


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I love teasing you with my sexy lingerie, as I strip down and get naked for you. I lay on my back and begin masturbating, while you put your cock between my red lipstick lips. I finger-fuck myself with two fingers, as you jam your hard cock inside of my mouth. I masturbate until I finally cum, and lick my fingers clean.

I flip over, onto my stomach, and allow you to mouth-fuck me. I want you to take full control, as you make me gag and choke on your cock. You put your hands onto my head, and jam your cock so hard into my mouth, that drool begins to run down my chin. I pant and gasp for air, but you only give me a few seconds before you thrust it back into my mouth. My lipstick smears and rubs off onto your cock, and drool begins to form a puddle on the bed. You finally pull your cock out of my mouth, and begin to jerk off until you are ready to cum. Right as you are about to cum, you jam your cock back into my mouth, and fill my mouth with your hot load. Some of it drips out of my mouth, but I save enough for a taste, and swallow. My hair is messed up, my face is covered is in drool, and my mascara is smeared.

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Sexy Chick With Red Lipstick Facefucked