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First Training Session




A bratty, rude girl shows up for a psychology test study, looking to make some quick, easy money in order to fund her shopping habits. She is told to sit down, and as the graduate psychology student tries to shake her hand. She rejects it, asking when she will be getting paid. “Let’s just go ahead and start whatever it is. I have a lot of shopping to do. And honestly, I really, like, can’t be here that long. I’m just here for money.” She continues to roll her eyes, as he tries to explain more about himself. She cuts him off, telling him that she doesn’t care and just wants to begin with this “stupid” test. He pulls out the gem that he is going to use to hypn0tize her with–telling her to follow it with her eyes, and to listen to his voice. As her eyes follow the gem, he tells her that she is falling deeper into a trance, that she will follow his every command, and will address him as Master. “You must please your Master by following my commands. Now SLEEP.” The girl is limp, and the graduate student adjusts her body to lay on the bed. “When I give the command, you will wake up and be completely in a trance. TRANCE.” He snaps his fingers, and the girl sits up–frozen while waiting upon a command. He commands that she stands up, and obediently, she says “Yes, Master.” He continues to command her to take off her dress, but FREEZES her, so that he can touch her chest. She continues to strip down, mindlessly, as well as touch her chest, and walk around in a circle. Her face stays emotionless, as she is completely locked in a mindless, trance state, and she walks with her hands out in front of her. She freezes after delivering every command, waiting upon the next. Some of his commands involve her crawling, and begging for her Master’s cock and cum. He FREEZES her at certain commands–touching and groping her body. Her speech is robotic, and she continues to please her Master. As she performs these tasks, she continues to use mantras while responding to him. “Please give me your cock, Master. Please give me your cock, Master.” Finally, after he commanded several tasks, he has her sit on the edge of the bed. “Yes, Master. I will obey my Master.” She begins to rub her clit on command–changing speed at his very will. He continues to have her fully masturbate with her fingers. She stays in a trace, emotionless, until he tells her that this is the most intense sexual experience that she’s ever felt. The girl begins to moan, shake, and twitch as she fingers herself harder and faster. “Master, please let me cum.” He tells she can not cum unless he gives her the command, and she continues to twitch and shake from pleasure. He tells her he will countdown from 10, and when he finishes, she will be allowed to orgasm. The girl cums at the end of the countdown, and thanks her Master for letting her cum. He tells to put her clothes back on, but he FREEZES her again in order to squeeze her chest. After she is done dressing, obediently, he puts her back to sleep–telling her that she will not remember any of what just happened, and then snaps his fingers. She wakes up, bratty and rude again, with absolutely no recollection of what has happened–asking if she’s going to be paid.

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First Training Session