Sexy Blonde In Black Lingerie Pays You With Sensual Blowjob




A college girl thanks you for fixing her computer, but unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem. “Well, as you know, gosh, how do I bring this up… I’m a college student, and I have tons of loans that I am trying to pay right now, and so, I really don’t have the money to pay you…” She offers you an alternative idea for payment–a blowjob. The college girl puts her laptop down, unfastens your belt, and pulls down your pants and boxers. She takes off her shirt and bra, and tells you to come lay down, as she pulls you by your cock. She only has her black thong, thigh-highs, and boots on, as she waits for you to get comfortable.

She begins by rubbing the head of your cock with the tips of her fingers, as she looks at you with her big, blue eyes. Her fingertips run from the bottom of the shaft to the top, and she starts flicking the tip of her tongue across the head of your cock. She runs her tongue in full strides, against your cock, eventually putting her whole mouth over the head. Both of her hands twist around your shaft, and she continues to suck on the head. Her mouth runs down the shaft a bit further, and she twists one of her hands. She stops often, to drive you crazy, by running her tongue across the head. The college girl puts your whole cock into her mouth–deepthroating and gagging on it. She continues to use her tongue, fingers, and mouth, sensually, until you finally erupt. With a few slow strokes of my tongue, I make you cum.

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Sexy Blonde In Black Lingerie Pays You With Sensual Blowjob