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Intruder Facefucks Gagged And Hogtied Victim




An intruder has sneaked into a girl’s house, and waits in the closet for her to return. She returns from her daily yoga class, and begins to undress, so that she can relax after her nice work-out. The intruder watches through the closet, as she gets comfortable and strips down to her thong. He walks behind her, puts his hand over her mouth and nose, and she falls limp and unconscious on the bed.

As she is unconscious, he begins to put cuff restraints on her ankles and wrists. He flips her over, and connects the cuffs to a hogtie. After a while, she wakes up, and becomes in a state of panic, as she realizes that she is bound, and cannot move. She struggles with the cuffs, but can’t seem to free herself. She begs not to be hurt, and ask the intruder who he is, but he ignores her request. “Looks like someone’s finally awake.” Tired of the begging and pleading, the intruder straps an O-ring gag to her mouth, and secures it on the back of her head. He sticks his cock through the ring, and begins to thrust her mouth. The girl drools, as his cock goes through the ring–choking and coughing on his cock. She pants and gasps for air, but he only gives her a second before he continues to face-fuck her with his cock. “Are you going to do this quietly, or should I keep the gag in? The girl agrees to let him throat-fuck her, as long as she doesn’t have to keep the gag in. He continues to thrust his cock into her mouth, as he holds her hair, and watches the drool run out of her mouth. Her drool now covers the bed, and she continues to pant for air whenever she has the chance. After a while, he decides to continue the humiliation by blindfolding her with bondage tape, and sticking his cock back into her mouth.

He finally removes the blindfold, and she is exhausted, panting, but he continues to throat-fuck her, and grab her chest. Her make-up runs, and her chin is covered in drool. He finally pulls his cock out of her mouth, jerks off for a second, and sticks it back into her mouth. His cum runs out of her mouth, onto her chin and bed, and she lays her head down in defeat.

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Intruder Facefucks Gagged And Hogtied Victim