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Girl Frozen By Magic Remote Control Gets Stripped And Manipulated




A couple is watching a movie when the girl interrupts to ask a question. “So, why is that guy following that girl?” He tells her to be quiet, repeatedly, but she ignores him–asking him what the story line is. She asks him to pause the movie to tell her what is going on, but he refuses, so she decides to get up and pause it herself. As she approaches the pause button, her boyfriend decides he’ll just pause it anyway, and she stops in her tracks. He moves her arm and head, and looks at the control to try and figure out what happened as she remains frozen. UNPAUSE. “What was I doing? Oh yeah, I was going to pause the movie, right?” PAUSE.

Her boyfriend now realizes that his remote control has the power to pause and freeze her. He decides that he is going to have some fun with her, and continues to repose her body. He moves her arms up and down, spreads her fingers, moves her head, shifts her body up and down, and moves her legs and feet. As he reposes her, he slowly takes off her bra–hanging it from her arm, as her arm is frozen in the air. He grabs her chest, smacks her ass, and moves her feet and legs towards the bed. Her eyes remain frozen, unblinking, as he re-positions every part of her body. He twists her body into different directions, as he touches and looks at her frozen body. As soon as she is close enough to the bed, he pushes her onto it, and she lies frozen in place. He continues to repose her body, but then decides to finally unpause her. UNPAUSE. “What is going on? Why is my bra off? Did you take this off?” PAUSE. He continues to keep her frozen and paused, so that he can watch his movie in silence.

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Girl Frozen By Magic Remote Control Gets Stripped And Manipulated