Magic Potion Turns Mom Into A Sex Addict




Mommy has called you into her bedroom to have a talk with you…yet again. “So obviously, you know why I called you in here, right? I am SO sick and tired of finding these DISGUSTING porn magazines underneath your bed.” She tells you that she has confiscated it, asking you how many more times she has to find them before you understand. “No more! I don’t want these in my house. And, as I was flipping through it, look what I came across.” She flips to a page, with her gloved hands, covered and soaked in your cum. Disgusted and outraged, she grounds you, and tells you to go get her Tylenol and some water, since you have caused her such a headache. She shoos you away, and you walk into the bathroom–humiliated and upset.

You talk angrily about how she’s humiliated you for the last time, and now it’s your turn to humiliate her. You open the bathroom drawer, and pull out your small bottle of potion. This potion has worked so well for turning girls into sex fiends, and knowing that, you use four times the dosage. You REALLY want to humiliate her. It’s only fair. Get ready to drink up, Mommy.

You enter Mommy’s bedroom, and hand her the drink. She begins complaining, saying that you forgot her medicine, and that you need to go get it. You stand there, waiting for her to take a drink, and she continues to get upset. “What are you doing in here? Seriously, GO GET MY MEDICINE.” You stay in the room, as she begins to take a huge gulp of the potion-infused drink. She sets it down, and suddenly becomes overwhelmed with the effects. She leans back against the wall, moaning, and begins to slam between the bed and wall. Mommy can hardly take control of her body, as it continues to slam. As you are watching with your own eyes, Mommy transforms into a crazy, sex-fiend, whore! And she is hungry for the first cock that she sees! She continues to slam against the wall, moaning, as she touches her breasts, and rubs outside of her panties. Mommy falls onto the bed, and begins twitching and rolling from the effects of the potion. She takes off her bra, and gropes her tits, as she continues to try and get her body under control. She pulls down her panties, and begins to finger herself, before she notices you watching her. “Honey, I didn’t even see you standing there! Honey, why don’t you be my bad boy, and come over here, and give Mommy your cock. You like being a bad boy, don’t you?” She notices that you have a hard-on, and this drives her even more crazy! You try to hide it, but she’s already seen it, so she comes after it. “Let Mommy play with it!” She gets down onto her knees, pulls down your pants, and puts her mouth over your hard cock. She goes up and down on your cock, as drool begins to run down her chin. She squeals with excitement, and runs her tongue over the head of your cock.

“Mommy needs you inside of her!” She jerks your cock, and fingers herself to get wet. She demands your cock, and pulls you over by pulling on it. You put your hard cock inside of Mommy, missionary style, and she moans from pleasure and excitement. Her eyes roll back into her head, and she shakes her head from the loss of control from the potion. “Mommy needs more! Mommy needs it from behind, and you’re going to give it to her!” She bounces her ass on the bed, and as you are watching her, slams her hand on the bed, and demands you get inside of her now! She moans, as you fuck her doggystyle, and she praises your hard cock. “Mommy’s pussy is so wet!” She squeals and moans, until she decides that she needs you to lay down. Mommy walks around the bed, and tells you to let her have that nice, hard cock. She puts your cock into her pussy, nice and slow, and begins bouncing on it–moaning and squealing. “That is what bad boys get!” She shakes her head from loss of control, rolls her eyes to the back of her head, and pants. “Now! Now, Mommy needs your cum. Feed me your cum!” Mommy gets back down on her knees, breathing heavy, and bouncing. She makes you jerk off into her mouth, and she swallows it. “Always such a bad, bad boy.”

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Magic Potion Turns Mom Into A Sex Addict

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