Sexy Nurse Gets Knocked Out, Tied Up, And Facefucked And Facialized




A sexy, playful nurse arrives to give her in-house patient his daily check-up. She immediately notices that he isn’t on his bed, and she begins to look around the room, as she puts her latex gloves on. “Where could you be? Did you fall off the bed again? Where are you?”

The patient is hiding inside the closet–watching her, as she scans the room to find him. He is tired of her endless teasing, and he wants what he deserves. When her back is against him, he sneaks out, puts a rag over her face, and she falls on the bed. When she wakes up, she panics as she finds out that she has been completely tied up. Rope is wrapped around her neck, down her body, around her thighs, and against her wrists. A handkerchief is in her mouth, and she spits it out. “Let me go, please. Please let me go. Why am I all tied up? Please, please. No, no, no. Please, please, don’t.” The patient pries her mouth open, and thrusts his cock inside of her mouth. He holds her head while he mouth-fucks her, and drool runs down her chin, and onto her chest. The nurse gags and chokes on his cock, begging him to stop what he is doing, but he shoves his cock back into her mouth. She pants for air, begging to be released, but he holds her hair tighter, and continues to throat-fuck her–gagging her, and making her cough.

Her mascara begins to run down her face, and she pants from exhaustion after she chokes on his cock. She spits more drool out of her mouth onto her chin and chest, and tries to get away from his hold. He slaps her face with his cock, and her mouth is once again pried open with his fingers. He continues to mouth-fuck her until he is ready to cum. He jerks his cock into her open mouth, and his cum shoots onto her face and into her mouth. The cum runs out of her mouth, and she begs to be released. She is exhausted, defeated, and abused.

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Sexy Nurse Gets Knocked Out, Tied Up, And Facefucked And Facialized