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Magic Device Turns Mommy Into Sex Fiend




Mommy is called into her son’s room, after he has made some adjustments on his science project. She is neglectful of her son completely–never having time for him, and ignoring his accomplishments. As he calls her in to help him with the project, she already starts to tell him that she doesn’t have time for it. “…I don’t really have any time today. I have a lunch with the girls, and honestly, I just don’t have the time–maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow would be perfect.” He tells her that the science fair is tomorrow, and that she said she would help. After pleading with her, she gives in, saying that she doesn’t have much time. She sits on the bed, and he begins to strap a device onto her arm. “I didn’t know you were in the science fair.” Mommy continues to ask her son questions, showing how neglectful she really is. “So, you’re really into science stuff?” She asks what the device is that he is putting on her. He tells her that it is a necklace that changes people’s personalities, and that you can program whatever you want in the remote. “Right… So, you have a control that’s gonna change a personality. Right. I mean, this is all for fun and games, right? It doesn’t work–I know that. There’s no way you can make something like that.” Mommy is skeptical and sarcastic, and continues to roll her eyes, as he finishes connecting the wires on her arm. “You’re taking something that changes a personality to the science fair. Ohhhh… I’m sure you’re gonna get first place.” Her son makes the final adjustments, and hits the power button for his newly made necklace.

The necklace lights up, and runs through different colors, and Mommy begins to twitch her head to the side. She shakes as the electricity, from the necklace, surges throughout her body, and into her brain–changing her personality slowly. She continues to twitch, until the necklace finally transforms her personality into a seductive, sex-fiend whore who is absolutely crazy for her son’s cock. Mommy grabs her son’s neck, pressing him in for a nice, long, tongued kiss. She holds his neck tight, as she pulls him in and kisses him harder. She strips out her top and bra, while she fondles her son’s cock through his pants. Mommy gets down on her knees, and begins stroking and admiring her son’s hard cock. She praises how hard he feels, and begins to lick the head with her tongue–flicking it, and running circles around it. “Does that feel good? Do you like Mommy’s hands?” Mommy sucks on the head, and continues to run her tongue across it, until she eventually puts it into her mouth. “Oh, honey! Your cock drives me crazy!” She sucks it, and deepthroats until there is drool running down her chin and onto her chest–gagging and choking on his cock.

After a while, Mommy tells him to put his cock inside of her. “Do you like Mommy’s body?” She smacks her ass, as she strips down to become completely naked. “Do you want to play with Mommy?” She grabs her chest, and tells him to get behind her, and to fuck Mommy. She gets on the bed, on her hands and knees, and tells her son how his cock drives her crazy. Mommy gets down lower, as her son continues to thrust his cock inside of her. She tells him to get on top of her, and that she needs to taste him–she’s crazy for his cum. As he fucks her, her eyes roll to the back of her head, and she moans wildly. “Mommy needs to taste your cum!” After a while of thrusting his hard cock inside of her, she gets on her knees, and he jerks his cum into her mouth, as she begs for his cum. His cum gets on her face, and inside of her mouth, and she swallows. “Oh, honey–is this attention that you needed?”

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Magic Device Turns Mommy Into Sex Fiend

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