Hogtied Mommy Has Her Mouth Abused By Son




Mommy is all tied up and blindfolded when her “friend” gets a phone call. He steps out of the room, and Mommy calls after him, telling him to hurry back. A few moments later, her son walks in cautiously, as he checks to make sure that no one is around. He is jealous of all the time that Mommy has been spending with all of her new friends, and decides that he’s going to make sure her friend doesn’t get back into the room by locking the door.

Once he has locked the door behind him, he begins to get turned on, as he notices that Mommy is bound with rope and cuffs, hogtied, and blindfolded, wearing only a gray thong. Thinking that her son is actually her friend, Mommy tells him to pull down his pants, and let her taste his cock. “Oh, honey–I’m so glad you’re back. Why don’t you go ahead and pull down your pants, and let me taste your cock. You know I love the taste of cock. Come on, give me your cock! I need it.” Her son decides to play along, tricking his mom, by pulling down his pants, and putting his hard cock into her mouth. Mommy sticks out her tongue eagerly, and he slides it into her mouth, as her holds her head. She begins to sniff the air, recognizing the smell, but he puts his cock back into her mouth. Drool begins to cover his cock, and she pants for air, but he continues to mouth-fuck her. She gags on her son’s cock, and drool drips from her mouth onto the bed. Mommy sniffs the air again, immediately recognizing her son’s cologne. “Oh, that’s my big boy. I can smell his cologne from anywhere. Aw, honey, were you jealous Mommy was spending all this time with all these strangers? Aw, honey, and your cock is so hard inside Mommy’s mouth! You know Mommy will take care of that for you. She loves the taste of cock.” She asks her son to take off her blindfold, so that she can watch her big boy get pleasured. “She wants to see her big boy enjoy himself.”

When he takes her blindfold off, she immediately starts smiling. “Oh, honey. I knew that was you. Mommy will take good care for you. You know she likes a nice, hard cock inside of her mouth–especially back inside of her throat. It’s okay to throat-fuck Mommy. Come on, let Mommy taste your cock.” Mommy is a cock whore, and she wants to give her son’s cock some special attention. He slides his cock back into her mouth, and she gags and coughs, as drools runs down her chin and onto the bed. “Come on, back in Mommy’s throat–that’s where she likes it best… Mouth-fuck Mommy!” Her son holds her head, as he shoves his cock back into her mouth. He grips onto her head harder, holding her hair, and drool runs all over his cock, down her chin, onto the bed, and falls onto the floor. She pants, gasping for air, as she tells him that she needs more. Bubbles form from her drool, and she encourages him to keep going. She spits huge amounts of drool on the floor, and her mascara runs all around her eyes. He flips her to her side, and he begins to jerk his cock. “Mommy needs your cum inside of her mouth. Come on! Let Mommy taste a little bit of it. Mommy loves a nice, hard cock!” She sticks her tongue out, waiting for him to erupt his load all over it. As he cums, it shoots into her hair, across her face, and into her mouth. She lets the cum drip down the side of her face, into another part of her hair, and swallows the rest of it. “Such a good boy, you are! You know, if you need Mommy’s mouth, or you need a little…special attention, all you gotta do is tell Mommy. Now be a good boy, and untie Mommy.”

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Hogtied Mommy Has Her Mouth Abused By Son

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