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Malfunctioning Sex Fembot Gets New CPU Implant




A doctor decides to power on his Sexbot in order to test her previous malfunctions. She powers on, by recognizing his voice, and welcomes the doctor. “Voice recognition activated. Hello, Doctor. What can I do for you today?” He tells the Sexbot that he will be conducting a series of tests on her, and with that he gives his first command for her to walk forward. As she walks forward, she begins to make jagged movements, struggling to walk forward in a straight line. Noting this, the doctor gives her a command to talk dirty, and she begins to repeat words and phrases, and stops to leave blank stares. Her movements remain jagged, and malfunctioned, and her eyes shift up, down, and across from side to side. He continues to conduct a few other tests, but finds that she keeps malfunctioning–shifting from side to side,and moving her head and eyes in multiple directions. Her blank stares remain consistent, and he commands her to walk back to the wall, so that he can power her off.

As she is powered off, the doctor lays her across the bed, and reads his manual on how to correct her behavior. He removes the heater core and replaces it. He then adds a CPU chip onto her chest, lasers it in place, and then seals it. He powers her back on, and immediately, the Sexbot tells the doctor that she feels much better, and asks if she can do anything for him. He tells her to run the blowjob program, and she gets up, and asks the doctor if he would like her on her knees. “Would you like me to get on my knees, Doctor?…Are you comfortable, Doctor? Should I start now?” She takes off the doctor’s pants, and begins to go slowly up and down his cock with her mouth. As she is giving the doctor a blowjob, she asks if he would like her to speed it up, or if he would like her to deep-throat. He agrees, and she follows his commands. However, as she is giving her blowjob, she begins to slightly malfunction. Her eyes shift up and down, from side to side, and she often gives blank stares, or twitches. The sexbot periodically stops her blowjob, looking into the air, or giving a blank stare, but then continues. Because the doctor is preoccupied with his blowjob, he doesn’t notice her malfunctions, and she continues until she tells the doctor to cum for her.

He jerks off until he cums into her open mouth, and part of her face. As soon as she swallows the bit of cum, she begins to repeat “Error, error.” The bit of cum that she has swallowed has made her malfunction. It seems that the chip hasn’t been programmed to completely fix all of her malfunctions, and now she begins a series of jagged movements, blank stares, quick eye movements, head tilts, and repeated phrases. She begins to go through her Sexbot functions, as she is malfunctioning, and the doctor decides to finally power her off.

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Malfunctioning Sex Fembot Gets New CPU Implant

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