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Mind Control Device Turns Marvelous Woman Into Blowjob Slave And Fuck Slut




Marvelous Woman has been knocked out, and lays in the hands of her nemesis. He puts on his gloves, and makes his final adjustments on the device that he has put around her neck–testing to make sure that it will be ready when she awakes.

When Marvelous Woman wakes up, she immediately questions where she is, and notices the device that has been attached to her. She begins to try and detach the collar around her neck, but is quickly stopped by the voice of her nemesis. “I wouldn’t touch that if I were you. As you can see, I’ve rigged a device around your neck–just a little something I’ve been working on. By tapping directly into your nervous system, it allows me to take full control of your body and mind. So, trying to tamper with it can have some pretty nasty side effects.” Outraged by his explanation, she demands that he release her from it, but he rejects the idea. Marvelous Woman becomes irate, telling him to remove the stupid device from her neck because she has places that she needs to be. “Stupid, huh? I don’t like your attitude.” The villain turns on his control device, and it quickly takes over the superheroine’s nervous system. She twitches and shakes, trying to defeat the hold on her, but can’t seem to get herself under control.

“Can I make you feel good?… How about I get on my knees for you?” The heroine’s attitude completely changes, as she becomes more seductive and sex-crazed. She unbuttons her vest, gets down on her knees, and takes off her nemesis’ pants. As she goes down, she struggles to fight the device, but once again, is overcome by its power. “What a nice, hard cock you have. Can I play with it?” The heroine puts her gloved hand on his shaft, and begins to flick her tongue on the head of his cock. She sucks gently on the head, and then runs her mouth over his shaft. “How about a little deep-throat?” The heroines deep-throats his cock, drooling all over it, as she gags and chokes on it. Drool continues to run down her chin, onto her cape, and down her chest. She pants, and runs her mouth back over his shaft, as bubbles form from her drool. “I want you to feel really good.” She admires his cock, and runs her gloved hand over the shaft.

“But maybe you want to be inside of me?” The heroine stands up, completely sex-crazed by the device, and pulls down her thong. “Come over here, and get inside of me… I’m here for all of your pleasure.” She continues to twitch, trying to fight the effects of the device, but finds herself in the same state. “Must… fight it. You’re never gonna get away with this.” She leans against the bed, and the villain slides his hard cock into her, doggystyle. She moans from pleasure, and his cock becomes coated with her cum. After a while, she continues to try and fight the device, but once again, finds herself on the bed, ready for his hard cock. The villain rubs her clit with his thumb, and then gently begins to finger her. She becomes so turned on that she begs her nemesis to fuck her. Marvelous Woman lays back, and he puts his hard cock into her, missionary style. He fucks her hard and fast, and she moans loud from pleasure. Her eyes roll back, and her chest bounces, as she gets fucked. She stops him after a while to try and gain control of herself. “No, no. Oh, you… you won’t get away with this.” The heroine twitches, but finds herself helpless, as she begs for his cum in her mouth. “Please jerk off into my mouth, please. Let me taste it.” The villain jerks his huge load into her mouth, and she lets it runs down her face before getting a taste of it. “You… you won’t, you won’t get away… you won’t get away… you won’t get away with this.” Defeated, the heroine puts her head to the floor.

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Mind Control Device Turns Marvelous Woman Into Blowjob Slave And Fuck Slut