Experimental Fembot Collar Malfunction




A doctor decides to buy a used fembot from Ebay, for a cheap price. He erases her memory from the artificial intelligence unit, and overrides her programming with a prototype control collar. After putting anti-static latex gloves on, he makes the final adjustments on the collar. Satisfied with his modifications, he stands up, and decides to give the new device a test. Before he can begin his tests, however, he needs to make sure that her normal motor skills are in tact. The doctor asks her to do several body movement test sequences, which include moving her head, legs, and arms. He also tests her speech, and she passes all of the tests. He decides that, since her motor skills are perfectly fine, that he will turn on her new collar.

He explains to the fembot that this collar will extend her primary function, and allow him to program additional functions onto her. As he turns on her prototype control collar, it lights up purple, and she immediately responds to it. “Hello, Doctor. Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe a nice, slow, sensual strip tease? Would you like that, Doctor?” The fembot has been programmed into a sexbot, and she begins to talk dirty, as she unzips her dress, and rubs her body. “Does my body turn you on?… Oh, Doctor–it looks like you have a hard-on. Would you like me to take care of that?” The sexbot continues to take off her thong, and encourages the doctor to fuck her, as bends over the bed. She runs through all of the functions that a normal sexbot would perform–asking the doctor if he would like a blowjob, to fuck her from behind, or if he would like to jerk off to her body.

“Doctor, why don’t you look, look at my body?” The sexbot’s new functions become jagged, and she begins to repeat words and phrases. As she first malfunctions, her collar immediately starts flashing white, indicating a problem. She continues to attempt her dirty talking, and to fulfill her functions, but has a hard time, as she starts malfunctioning more often. She stops, in the middle of her functions, to give blank looks, and to move her eyes from side to side, and up and down. Her movements are jagged, and her phrases are becoming more repeated. She sits on the bed to finger herself for the doctor, but can barely function in masturbation. Her head begins tilting back and forth, and locking in place. Finally, she begins repeating, “Override error. Override error.” Her collar turns solid red, and she can barely move without malfunctioning. Her sentences are separated by repeated words, and as her motor functions glitch, they become more violent–becoming harder and faster. Her eyes move in all directions, quickly, and she stops frequently to give blank looks. Her head swings forward and back, and her movements become so jagged, that she is barely able to move. She continues to malfunction, until the doctor decides to initiate a shut-down sequence. She counts down from 10, as she continues to malfunction–shutting down after she’s reached one.

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Experimental Fembot Collar Malfunction

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