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POV Stripperbot Malfunction And Facefuck- 1080p mp4




A fembot is plugged into the wall to charge. A new owner powers her on, and her collar immediately changes to green to indicate that she has been powered on. “Voice recognition activated. Hello, user 197. Battery full. Battery full. Please unplug from back.” The fembot turns around, and the owner disconnects the cord from her battery pack. “How about a nice, sensual strip tease? Why don’t you sit back and relax?”

She slowly teases him–working her hands up and down her body. “Is your cock hard, user 197?” She squeezes her chest gently, and runs her hands down her panties. “Do you like my nice perky tits? How about I take them out for you?” The stripperbot reveals her chest, and then notices his hard-on. “I can see that you have a hard-on. Maybe you should take care of that. Go ahead and pull that nice, hard cock out for me.” She encourages him to go up and down his shaft, as she continues to strip and tease him. As he becomes increasingly hornier by her stripping and teasing, he decides to grab her chest. The stripperbot immediately stops in place, and proceeds to tell the user that the action is prohibited. “Sensory network does not permit physical contact.” She backs away, and begins to malfunctions slightly. She repeats her phrases, moves her eyes all over, gives blank stares, but continues to strip for her owner. He grabs her chest again, and she begins to malfunction yet again. “User action prohibited.” She stops in place, tilts up her head, and her movements become jagged. As he continues to grope and grab her body, her malfunctions become increasingly worse–blank stares, eyes moving in all directions, jagged body movements, rapid eye blinking, repeated words and phrases, and head tilts. She stops in place, and her movements sometimes don’t match her words. “User 197, pump your cock for me. Pump your cock for me. Pump your cock for me. Pump your- Pump your- Pump- Pump-…”

As she is locked in place from malfunction, the user pushes the stripperbot down to her knees, and pries her mouth open with his fingers. He jams his cock inside of her, as she repeats “User action prohibited” with the cock inside of her mouth. Her eyes move in all directions, she gives blank stares, and rapid eye blinking. She jerks away, but he eventually thrusts his cock back inside of her for a few minutes, and she continues to malfunction. “Error, error, error.” She stands up, and her malfunctioning is to its highest level. Since the owner has used his stripperbot in a way that her system doesn’t recognize, her anti-harassment software has become corrupt, and it causes a malfunctioning with her motor controls. She can barely speak phrases, and her sentences are completely broken apart, making them almost impossible to understand. Her head thrusts back and forth more violently, and her movements often repeat themselves. She gives more blank stares, stops in place, blinks her eyes quickly, moves her eyes in different directions, and her movements are so jagged she can barely move. The stripperbot continues to try and fulfill her purpose, despite the malfunctioning, but can’t control her body and eyes. Her body movements often don’t match her sentences. The owner gives her chest one final squeeze, and since her system can’t handle any more corruption, it finally shuts down.

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POV Stripperbot Malfunction And Facefuck- 1080p mp4

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