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Fembot Gives Jerk Off Instruction And Malfunctions




Hot and horny, you power on your fembot. Her collar lights up, and she stands up and greets you. “Hello, user 212. What can I do for you today? Oh, it looks like you have a nice, hard cock. Should I run my jerk off instruction program for you, user 212?… Loading… Jerk off instruction program found.” The fembot begins her instruction by telling you to pull out your hard cock, and to look at her body, as you put your cock in your hand. “Take it nice and slow. Go all the way up, and all the way down.” She tells you that she wants you to feel really good, and continues to tease you with her body, and give you jerk off instruction. “Should I show you a little more, user 212?” She unzips her top to reveal her perky chest, and pulls down her silver panties. She gives detailed instruction, and admires your hard cock.

In the middle of her instruction, she begins to glitch–repeating phrases and movements, giving blank stares, and freezing in place. The fembot resumes her program, but is often interrupted with her own malfunctions. As she is telling you how to jerk off, her hand and arm flies up and down, and she makes jagged movements. Her head tilts up and down, from side to side, and her eyes flutter, blinking fast, and moving all over the place. Her movements often don’t match what she is saying, but she resumes her program. “Firmware needs updated.”

She begins twitching, and you watch as her arms and hips move in several different directions. Her hair often messes up, as her jagged malfunctions become worse. The fembot staggers backwards and forwards, as she repeats and stutters words, hardly able to get a phrase out. She continues to tell you that she needs her firmware updated, as she completely loses control of her movements. She stops in place, gives violent head tilts, has jagged movements, along with crazy eye movements, blank stares, and rapid blinking. She finally finishes her jerk off instruction, and attempts to compliment what a huge load you’ve made. Her arm flies up and down, and since her malfunctions are so out of control, she shuts herself down.

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Fembot Gives Jerk Off Instruction And Malfunctions

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