Sexy Gagged Captive Struggles To Escape Her Rope Binds




A girl is helpless, struggling to free herself from the rope that is bound around her arms, chest, and legs, and ankles. Her hair is drenched in sweat, messy, and make-up runs down her face, as she has continued to free herself for hours. Her kidnapper has placed her into a wooden chair, and she slams and tilts it to loosen her binds. She whines and cries through her gag, breathing heavy. The girl tries standing up, but since her binds are so tight across her ankles, she falls back down onto the chair. She attempts to stand up back, but falls on her knees, and onto the floor.

She continues to struggle as she is on the floor–twisting her body, and panting from exhaustion through the handkerchief gag. The girl lies on the floor, arching her body, and bending it to try and slip through the rope. She begins kicking her heels, to try and free her legs, but finds no hope, as the ropes don’t budge. She continues to bend and curl her body, but has to stop to take deep throats through the gag. She attempts to sit up, but even when she does, she finds herself in the same position–bound and helpless. Her arms and body begin to turn red, as she rubs herself against the carpet. Finally, she lies back down, defeated and conquered–crying and curled up on the floor.

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Sexy Gagged Captive Struggles To Escape Her Rope Binds