Hostage Bound By Duct Tape Gets Rough Facefucking Punishment




A captor pushes his new hostage forward, as she struggles to fight back, and shoves her into a wooden chain. Her hands are duct taped behind her back, and her mouth is gagged with a handkerchief. He quickly grabs his duct tape, and tapes each of her legs to a chair leg. The hostage attempts to talk through the gag, telling him to let her go, but he ignores her, and continues to tape her legs. She tries to stand up, but is bound, and falls back on the chair. The captor tapes her legs together, and then tapes her thighs around the chair, so that she can’t get up.

The hostage struggles, crying through the gag until he pulls it down from her mouth. She begs for him to let her go, but he pulls down his boxers and pants, and grabs her head. “Please, please–anything but this.” She tries pushing her head away from him, but he forces his cock into her mouth. He holds her head as he thrusts his cock inside of her mouth. She whines, and drool runs down her mouth, as she begs him to stop. The captor pulls up her shirt, pulls down her bra, and shoves his hard cock back into her mouth. Drool covers his cock, and he grabs her chest violently, as she struggles to move away. The captor picks her head up, holding her by the hair, and once again, forces his cock deep into her mouth. He pulls back, and she pants from exhaustion, and he forces her head back down. The hostage coughs and gags on his cock, as she gets throat-fucked by the captor. She tries, repeatedly, to escape her bondage, begging to be released, but he jams his cock back into her mouth. Her make-up runs, as she continues to gag, and pant for air when she gets the chance. The captor continues to grab her chest, and then pulls her hair to bring her back down to his cock.

He then pushes the chair against the wall, and she is helpless as he thrusts his cock inside of her mouth. She continues to spit out drool, and it runs down her chin, shirt, chest, and soaks her pants. She begs and begs to be let go, but gets interrupted by his cock. After a while of struggling, throat-fucking, and drooling, he jerks his cum into her mouth. She cries as the cum runs out of her mouth–covering her chin and shirt.

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Hostage Bound By Duct Tape Gets Rough Facefucking Punishment