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Evil Stepmom Ruins Your Orgasm After Teasing, Denying, And Edging Your Cock




Your stepmom is always coming in your room, making excuses as to why she’s in there, and “mistakenly” teases you with her body. She enters your room with only a towel on, forgetting the reason that she came in, and drops her towel to reveal her naked body. She apologizes, saying it must have slipped through her fingers, leaves your room, but only a couple days later, you see her in her lingerie. This time your stepmom claims that she’s there to pick up your laundry, and makes sure to bend over right in front of you as she picks it up. Time after time, you find her in your room, and she never has any valid reason to be in there.

While you are masturbating, she comes into your room, wearing her black lingerie and high heels. Your porn magazine is out as you are stroking your cock, and she immediately notices it laying out. You try and cover up your hard cock, but she knows what you have been doing, and she’s been waiting for it. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Were you masturbating? You know, you can’t look at that sort of thing without parental supervision. Looks like you need to be taught how to control your urges. Aw, honey, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Just because I’m your stepmom doesn’t mean I can’t be your new Mommy.” She throws the pillows off of your bed, and makes herself comfortable. “Don’t be shy. I can be your new Mommy. I said to stroke it.” She encourages you to continue stroking your cock, and when you don’t, she demands you to. You start stroking your cock, and she watches you, up close, telling you to stroke harder for her. Displeased with your stroking, she suggests that she help you out because you need to learn to control your urges. She moves your hand, and begins teasing you with her chest–taking off her bra, commenting on how perky and nice her chest it, and how she doesn’t want you to stroke yourself. Your new Mommy has a secret motive that you don’t know about yet. She likes to control everything around her, and she’s been teasing you every day until she could catch you masturbating. She wants to control your orgasm, but most importantly, she wants to see it ruined.

“Let me show you how to control your urges, okay? Tisk, tisk, tisk. And you really thought you were going to look at that magazine without my permission? You ALWAYS needs parental permission.” New Mommy begins stroking your cock slowly, allowing her spit to lubricate your cock, and then speeds up. “Show me how good it feels.” You begin twitching from pleasure, and she suddenly stops! “Aw, you poor thing! Control it! Don’t cum. Don’t you DARE cum. Control. Control. Control.” She continues again, stroking your cock, and commenting on how hard your cock is. She speeds up again, and stops again. She watches as your cock throbs, and tells you to control yourself again, and not to cum. “Let’s try something a little bit different.” New Mommy wraps her mouth around your cock, and goes up and down the shaft. She sucks on the head, and decides to go a little bit further down, slowly increasing her speed, and then stops as she holds your cock. “Control it. Don’t cum. Don’t cum… I said to control it. Just relax. Relax.” Your body twitches and shakes, as you try and hold your cum in.

“This time I promise you can cum.” New Mommy deep-throats your cock, as drool covers your cock, and runs down her chin. She speeds up, deep-throating as she gags and chokes on your cock, until she suddenly stops again! “Aw, I’m sorry. Control it! Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Good boy. See, that’s how you control your urges. I’m sorry. I said you could cum. This time, though, this time you can really cum, okay?” She exclaims that she was just trying to show you how to control your urges, and she goes back down on your cock with her mouth. Your stepmom continues to tease and deny you, suddenly stopping again, and promising to let you cum the next time. She alternates between teasing you with her mouth and hand, but even though she promises you that you can cum this time, over and over again, she never lets you. Your body twitches, and she comments on how your cock is throbbing, how she can see the veins bulge, and how you deserve to cum for listening to her. “Don’t cum. Hold it, hold it!… Wow, look at it throbbing, just ready to explode! Okay, okay, I think you’ve had your lesson. I’m sorry I lied. I’m just trying to help you. That’s all I want to do is help you.” She giggles every time she sees your cock throbbing, begging to explode, and continues to promise you that you can. “Remember honey, you can’t cum without my permission, okay? You’re doing such a good job controlling yourself!”

New Mommy loves to watch you struggle, as she teases and denies you. Your cock is completely covered in her drool, and she goes up and down with her mouth. She strokes your cock hard and fast with her hand, as she tells you not to cum. She continues to push and push you, making you edge, over and over again, and finally, you explode without any stimulation at all. As she is holding your cock with her fingers, your cum erupts and falls down your cock. “But, I didn’t tell you to cum. See, that’s what happens when you don’t listen to me. You get a nice, ruined orgasm. Since you can’t control your urges, looks like your new Mommy is going to come in here every time you start masturbating. I mean, you do need parental supervision, don’t you?”

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Evil Stepmom Ruins Your Orgasm After Teasing, Denying, And Edging Your Cock

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