Glazing His Face With Her Tongue


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Aiden and Fifi are extremely horny, undressing one another as they make-out. His kisses aren’t enough… She wants a little more than his mouth. Fifi wants to lick his face until it’s completely drenched in her saliva. She sits beside him, turning his head, and licks his face slowly. She pushes him down onto the bed, and climbs over top of him. Fifi runs her wet tongue in full strides against his neck and face–bottom to top and top to bottom. She makes out with his face aggressively, sliding her tongue all around it, as she holds his neck and hair. Her hot breath hits his ears, and she swirls her tongue inside. Fifi’s body continues to rub up against his, and her tongue coats her saliva across his face, as she presses it hard against his skin.

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Glazing His Face With Her Tongue