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Mommy Swaps Son’s Penis Enlargement Pills With Daddy’s Viagra




Aiden has been feeling insecure since the boys at school have been bragging about their cock size. Since he doesn’t feel adequate in his own size, he browses the internet for something that will enhance and enlarge his penis. He goes through various products, looking at the results that are guaranteed with each one. He finds a product that claims to enlarge his penis by four inches, and excited at what the product promises, decides to order it.

A few days later, Mommy knocks on Aiden’s door, but since he doesn’t answer, she decides to walk in. “Honey, I have some of your mail. Honey? I guess you’re not here. I’ll just set it on your bed.” She looks at the package, questioning who Big D Inc. is, and when she moves the package, she can hear something rattle. Mommy opens the package and pulls out the pill bottle. “Penis enlargement pills? Grow up to four inches. Really? He must think that he doesn’t have a big dick. Oh, that’s silly–he’s perfectly fine… What can I do? I gotta show him that his cock is perfectly big enough…” She remembers that his daddy has some Viagra in the other room, and gets up to find it. She returns, with Viagra in hand, and switches the medication–emptying the contents from each bottle, and putting them into the other. “These are going to work great! He just needs a woman to really…appreciate his cock. He must not feel very appreciated. Mommy’s going to appreciate his cock for him–especially when it’s big and hard!” She knows that he’ll never suspect anything, and that he will think that the Viagra is really making his dick grow. “Poor boy. Mommy’s going to help him out… I want to show him that his cock can drive a girl crazy.” Mommy seals the package back up, sets it on his bed, and closes the door behind her.

Aiden gets home, sees the package on his bed, and gets excited. He immediately opens it up and reads the directions on the pill bottle. Instead of taking the recommended dosage of one pill, he takes two. “Wonder how fast these things work?” He opens his pants, look down at his cock, and waits for the pills to kick in. As time goes by, he sees that his cock is rock hard, and becomes enthusiastic about the results. “Wow, I think those pills are really working. I mean, look at that! That’s gotta be an extra inch right there… So much faster than I expected, too!” As Aiden is admiring his cock, Mommy walks into his room. He hides his cock, but Mommy makes sure to be overly enthusiastic and overwhelmed by his cock. “What are you hiding in there!? That looks huge! Would that have anything to do with these new pills that you got? What are these? Let me see. Let your Mommy see. Penis enlargement. My God! That must be what’s hiding underneath there. Up to four inches! Let Mommy see!” She pulls down his boxers, and begins praising and admiring his huge cock. “Honey, can I touch it? Can I?” She puts his cock into her hand, and begins rubbing her hand over it, as she tells him how thick and hard it is. “Oh, my God. I just can’t stop touching it! This is really big. Those things must work. Wow, you’re so hard. Mommy can’t even keep her hands off of it. It’s so big and thick inside of her hand.” Mommy rubs her son’s cock with both of her hands, stopping every so often to admire it. “How many extra inches did you get!?”

She tells him to lay down, so that she can get a really good look. “Wow, honey, that’s so big! I bet it’s really sensitive to my touch because it’s so big! I’ve never seen a cock this thick before, honey… And I just love those veins… Honey, Mommy can’t keep her hands off of you. In fact, she can’t even get her hands all way around it, barely.” Mommy strokes her son’s cock, as she praises him. She wants him to feel appreciated and big, and does so by her praises and enthusiasm towards his hard cock. She goes up and down his cock, changing her speeds between slow and fast. She pumps her son’s cock with her whole hand, and tells him how she loves his new cock. “It’s driving Mommy crazy!… Mommy can’t stop jerking it!” She runs her spit down his cock, lubricating it as she strokes it. Mommy rubs her fingers around the head, and then tells him to stand up.

“Honey, honey! Stand up, stand up! Mommy has an idea, and I know you’ll love it with your new, hard cock!” She tells him that his cock is driving her crazy, and she can’t help but undress. Mommy quickly undresses, leaving in her just a thong, and gets down on her knees. “Your cock! God, it’s driving me crazy! How big did those pills make you!? I can’t stop staring at it. It’s all I can think about!… Let Mommy put it in her mouth, please?” She gets down on her knees, and begins stroking his cock with her hand. “God, honey, how is it that hard!?” Mommy puts her son’s cock into her mouth, as she slowly sucks on the head, working her way down the shaft. Drool runs down her face, and she continues admiring the thickness of his cock. “I can barely get your cock all the way inside of my mouth! God, it’s so big! I bet I could just deepthroat myself with it.” Mommy deepthroats her son’s cock, as drool runs down her face, and onto her chest. She gags, and bubbles form from her drool. “Look at how much you’re making Mommy drool.” She works her way up and down his cock, allowing his cock to fuck her throat.

“God, you’re so thick and so big, honey! Don’t tease me. Let Mommy feel how it feels inside of her pussy, okay?… Oh, honey. Don’t tease Mommy anymore. Let her feel it inside of her tight pussy. Your cock is too big to resist! Please?” Mommy stands up, and pulls down her thong. “Show me how thick and big it is. Stick those few extra inches inside of me!” She puts her hands on the bed, and he sticks his cock into her, doggystyle. “It barely fits, honey!” Mommy moans loudly, telling him how big his cock is, and how it feels so good inside of her. “Mommy can barely stand it!” Aiden thrusts his cock inside of her, and Mommy tells him to fuck her on top of the bed. She gets on her hands and knees, as she exclaims how much she NEEDS his cock. Her son fucks her doggystyle on the bed, and her perky chest bounces, as he thrusts his cock inside of her. He smacks her ass and grabs her chest, and continues fucking her hard. She praises his cock, and tells him how much it’s driving her crazy. “Oh, God, honey, your cock is amazing… Fuck Mommy! It’s so big. Mommy can feel all of those extra inches inside of her. What a good boy fucking your Mommy!” She pants and moans, pushing her ass further into the air, as he fucks her pussy.

“Aw, honey. Aw, honey! Get on top of Mommy. Get on top of Mommy. Come on! Get on top of Mommy! Let Mommy feel every inch of you inside of her. EVERY inch! Mommy needs it. Aw honey, your cock’s driving me crazy.” Mommy lies down on the bed, telling him that she needs more of his cock. He sticks his cock into her, missionary style, and fucks her hard. She moans and pants, as she exclaims how thick and amazing his cock feels inside of her. “Mommy’s pussy is so wet!”

“Mommy can’t wait to see your huge load. Mommy wants you to fill her mouth with your cum… I can feel every inch inside of me. I bet you’re going to have a huge load for Mommy, aren’t you?… Your cock is so huge! It’s driving me crazy!… Show Mommy your huge load! Come on! Put it in Mommy’s mouth. Mommy needs it inside of her mouth. I bet you have a huge load for Mommy, don’t you? Show Mommy by filling her mouth with it.” She opens her mouth, and her son jerks his cum inside of it. She drools his huge load out of her mouth, allowing it to drip out slowly. “Look at that huge load you put inside of Mommy’s mouth. Mommy loves your huge cock.”

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Mommy Swaps Son’s Penis Enlargement Pills With Daddy’s Viagra

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