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Christmas B2P 24 Inch Giant Red Balloon In Stockings


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This balloon is just so big! I have to try it. I blow to pop a 24″ inch red balloon just in time for Christmas! I have never blown anything this big before, and I am so excited to see how big it gets!

I am surrounded by green and red balloons, as I stretch out my 24″ balloon, and begin blowing into it. I stop to admire how big it becomes, touching it with hands, and squeezing it gently. As it becomes bigger, I can feel the balloon getting stiffer, and I give it a few more puffs thinking that it could pop at any moment. I am full of anticipation, as it becomes stiffer, and changes shape at the end. I’m careful not to touch the balloon when it’s this big–any small touch could make it pop! The latex just won’t stretch anymore, and the balloon is huge! I hear the latex snap, and I give it one more puff, and it explodes! It completely shocks me, and I shriek–giggling and smiling at the loud pop.

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Christmas B2P 24 Inch Giant Red Balloon In Stockings