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My Pleasure Always Comes First




Honey, I need you to check one more time for me. Make sure your hands are nice and tight. You can’t move, can you? I don’t want you touching yourself at all. Honey, listen… I have a little bit of a confession to make. You know the other day when my young lover came in and fucked me… how he penetrated my pussy lips with his nice, young, hard cock?… Well, it was the best sex I ever had. Do you know why? It’s because you were watching, and you weren’t able to jerk off… Right now, you’re tied up, but later, later… I’m going to put a chastity device on you. And here’s the thing, I’m going to keep fucking my young lover’s cock until you have a wet dream. There’s going to be tons and tons of unprotected sex, and he might just cum inside of my pussy…

I bet you would just love to fuck me, wouldn’t you? But I think… I think you kinda get off watching other guys fuck me. There’s just something about me moaning, and screaming as a young, hard cock enters my tight pussy… and you’re stuck there, helpless… Honey, would you like to taste my nipples?… To twirl your tongue around them, to suck on them gently, just nibbling, and making me feel really good… Oh, no, no, no! Put your tongue back in your mouth. You can’t taste it…

Just look at how perky they are… So perfect. And how your tongue could just swirl around it… suck on it, and make it nice and hard. Oh, honey… Just to rub your hands up and down them… squeezing gently, sending shivers down my body. But you can’t touch, sweetheart. You can never touch. You can only watch…

…Just remember whose pleasure comes first… Do you want me to stroke it? You at least deserve that, right?.. How about I just wrap my hand around… not all the way, but enough so you can feel the palm of my hand brushing up against it every so often… And you’re so hard… Oh, I’m sorry, honey–I can’t pleasure you. But I want you to know that I can make you feel really good… Do you wanna touch yourself? Do you? I can see you trying to move your hands. No, no, no… But remember, honey, MY pleasure ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes first… I’m feeling horny… REALLY horny. Tell me you think I should get pleasured… A woman with my type of body, nice and tight, needs a nice cock to spread her out. Tell me that I need to get fucked… Lucky for you, I brought my friend.

…Look at how nice his body is… So much better than yours. Do you think I should pleasure him? Oh, you’re jealous, aren’t you? Poor thing, you can’t even touch yourself! I’ll make sure and go nice and slow for you… Don’t move your hands. Just accept it… I’m going to get pleasured by someone else… Just look at his cock throbbing for me. I can’t wait to feel it… stretching me out. I want you to watch everything.

…Now, honey, you remember what I said about that wet dream, right?… When he comes back with that chastity device, I’m going to lock you up, and you’re not allowed to be set free until you have a wet dream. Oh darling, in the meantime, I’m going to have tons and tons of unprotected sex, and you better hope that I don’t get pregnant before you have a wet dream… Just know that your cock is ALWAYS mine.

This clip includes: POV, tied up husband, cuckolding, orgasm denial, extreme dirty talk, teasing, tits, virtual pussy and ass grinding against cock, drooling/spitting onto your lap, virtual handjob, simulated handjob with banana, wife stroking young lover’s cock, giggling, smiling, laughing, eye contact, wife bouncing and riding young lover’s cock (facing you, and looking away), stroking lover’s cum into her mouth, spitting/drooling out cum into your lap, wife wants to put chastity device on you, wet dream

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My Pleasure Always Comes First