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Superheroine Frozen By Freeze Ray Gets Fondled And Fucked




Marvelous Woman has received a phone call about a citizen in need. When she arrives, she immediately runs toward the citizen, asking them if they need help. “Is there a citizen here that needs my help? Citizen, are you alright?” As she approaches, she is stopped by a gun that is now pointed at her. She backs up, with her hands in the air, as the newly developed villain explains the trap that she has been lured into. “That’s close enough… Well, well, well–I’ve been waiting for you, Marvelous Woman. In fact, I’ve been waiting for quite some time for this little “arrangement.” Look around you–as you can see, there is no citizen in need of help. You fell right into my trap. It’s just you, me, and my little toy.” Afraid and alarmed, Marvelous Woman asks what it is, and the villain explains his new device. “This is my new freeze gun. With just a quick pull of the trigger, I can freeze anything I want. And I can manipulate ANYONE frozen by my ray, and there’s nothing they can do.” Frightened, Marvelous Woman asks the villain to take it easy, not to point that at her, and that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. “Well, where’s the fun in that if I don’t get to use it?”

He pulls the trigger on his freeze ray gun, and Marvelous Woman slowly begins to freeze. She stays locked in place, unblinking, as the villain grabs her chest. After a few seconds, she twitches, and breaks out of her frozen state with her super powers. Marvelous Woman is confused, weakened, and stumbles around. “Oh, well, aren’t you just so strong. You broke right out of my freeze… I’m just going to have to use it again.” She begs and pleads him not to use it again, and when she reaches for the gun, he pulls the trigger, and she slowly freezes again. “Maybe this time you’ll stay frozen a little longer.” As she is frozen in place, he grabs her chest, and unbuttons her vest. She begins twitching, and once again, breaks through the freeze with her powers. “Put that thing down, you don’t know what you’re doing. Please put that thing down. I said to put it down!” She grabs for the gun, more violently this time, but he maintains hold of it. “Can you feel yourself getting weaker every time I freeze you? Soon, all of your powers will be drained.” Marvelous Woman stumbles around, weakened, and panting. “Must…stop…” He freezes her with his ray, and as she is locked into place, he circles her, and begins manipulating her body. He arranges and poses her arms and hands into ways in which he can undress her. After he’s taken off her vest and bra, he gets down on his knees, and licks her chest, wrapping his tongue around her nipples, and groping her chest. The villain smacks her ass, and rubs her pussy from outside of her thong. Marvelous Woman begins twitching and shaking, and he immediately points her freeze ray gun at her, as she breaks from the freeze. “What are you doing to me?” She stumbles, barely able to stand, as she begs for him to stop, and to get away from her. “Tell me–how does it feel to be completely powerless over your body?”

The villain pulls the trigger on his freeze ray gun, and she freezes again, completely helpless in her frozen state. He gets behind her, posing her arms and hands, and then bends her at the waist, pulling down her thong. He rubs her clit, as he continues to pose her body into different positions. The villain gets down on his knees, and fingers her, as she remains frozen and unblinking. He continues to manipulate and pose her body, as he gropes it, and runs his gun across it. He picks up her leg, spins her around on her heel, and her hands rest against the wall. The villain positions Marvelous Woman’s hands further down the wall, moves her legs, and pulls down his pants, exposing his hard cock. He thrusts his cock inside of Marvelous Woman, fucking her, as she remains locked in position. As the villain fucks her, he moves her hands even further down, making her bend down at the waist, and turns her head to the side. After a bit, she begins twitching and shaking, and slowly releases herself from the frozen state in which she is locked into. She is extremely weak, and leans against the wall to hold herself up. “I feel weak… So weak. My powers are draining out of me.” She attempts to turn around, as she stumbles and trips over the floor. She tries walking towards the gun, but barely has enough energy to walk or stand. The villain continues to back up, with his gun in hand, and decides to freeze her one more time in her weakened state. “I think one more ray blast will finish you off.” Marvelous Woman whines and pants, and with one simple pull of the trigger, she is, once again, frozen in place.

The villain continues to pose her head, arms, hands, legs, and waist, and then pushes her onto the bed. She falls, frozen, and unable to move, as he removes her thong completely. He gets on the bed, puts his cock into her hand, and begins thrusting to make himself harder. He poses every part of her body until he has Marvelous Woman on her elbows and knees. The villain gets behind her, and fucks her doggystyle, as he smacks her ass hard. He thrusts his cock hard and fast into her pussy, and stops to move her head to the side. She remains motionless, frozen, and unblinking, as he fucks her hard. He moves her arms, and her face lies flat on the bed, as he continues thrusting her. Once the villain is satisfied, he positions her body in a way in which he can flip her onto her back. He gets on top of her, and jerks his cock until he cums all over her chest. He grabs his freeze ray gun, and leaves her frozen, helpless, and weakened.

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Superheroine Frozen By Freeze Ray Gets Fondled And Fucked