Diaper Change Age Progression Transformation




This is a short clip that contains only the elements of transformation and growth. There are multiple angles, as well as sound effects to help create the illusion!

Baby Fifi squirms in discomfort as she whines for her daddy. Concerned at her endless crying, he quickly shows up and tries to comfort her. After only a few seconds, he figures out that she needs a diaper change, and removes her diaper. She begins to calm down, and Daddy beeps her on the nose playfully. He pulls out some wipes, and cleans her as he uses his voice to soothe her.

As he wipes her, his touch causes a reaction to her body that begins stretching it out. Her legs grow, slowly working up his chest, and eventually landing over his shoulders. Dad is confused and shocked as he watches his daughter grow before his own eyes. She twists and turns, dropping the pacifier out of her mouth, and moans uncontrollably at the changes occurring in her body. Startled and disoriented, she backs up onto the bed, and tries to figure out who the man is before her. She runs her hand down her body, and Daddy can’t help but admire his new beautiful daughter. “Daddy?…” She begins to relax, still moving her body, and moans, “Hi, Daddy.”

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Diaper Change Age Progression Transformation