Breast Enlargement Pills Made Me Grow Huge




Hm…so the directions say that if I take just two of these, just two, I’ll finally get bigger tits. I’ve been waiting my whole life for these little mosquito bites to grow in. I mean, there’s not even anything there. Just two, huh? What happens if I take the whole damn bottle?

Okay, so there’s, like, two left in here. How many were in the bottle? 24? Ha! Wonder how long this takes to work. Definitely not feeling anything. I’m so impatient. I just want things to work right away.

Well, I feel a little…warm. Ah! I wanna go out tonight, and I want to have big, beautiful, awesome titties. Come on! UGH.

My…my hands are so cold, but my head feels so warm. I have a weird, tingly feeling running all over my body. It’s even going all the way through my legs, and down into my toes. It’s like someone’s electrocuting me, but it’s just so light, and fuzzy, and…

I’m a little bit dizzy. It didn’t say this on the warning label. And…and my tits are all tingly. They are starting to hurt. I didn’t know it was supposed to happen like this. What’s…coming over me? OH MY GOD, are they…? Wow, they’re finally…it feels like they’re getting bigger! Bigger, bigger, BIGGER. What’s…going on with the rest of me? I feel like I’m…oh no, am I growing?

Is all of me growing? My glasses! They don’t even fit on my face anymore. My top just keeps getting tighter and tighter. My tits look so much bigger…but ME! I’m getting so much…bigger. Are the walls closing in on me, or am I closing in on them!?

The ceiling is getting closer and closer. My skin is tightening. My legs! I wanted to be a little bit taller, but I must be, like, six feet tall! I’m not going to be able to fit in anything anymore. My bras, my dresses…this one’s so tight on me. I feel like the fibers are ripping around my legs.

How long are the effects supposed to last? What if they never go away!? But my tits are so full, nice, round, and as big as I ever wanted them to be.

Oh no…I feel like it keeps happening. My whole body is tingling all over. The ceiling is closing in! OH MY GOD, what if it doesn’t stop, and I just keep growing even wider and bigger?! What if I break the ceiling?! Maybe if I press really hard against the ceiling, it’ll stop it. It’s not working…

No, no, no, no. Please make it stop! My head, my face…I don’t know where I’m going to go from here.

This clip includes: Miss Whitney Morgan, takes pills for bigger chest, but her whole body grows uncontrollably, several height increases, breast expansion, growth, chest pushes top down, clothes become too tight, giant/giantess, amazon, big, tall, body inflation

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Breast Enlargement Pills Made Me Grow Huge