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The Perfect Mommy




I’m really stressed out about college. I’ve sent out probably a dozen applications to schools, but haven’t heard back. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it’s even worth it. Mom always tells me I have so much potential, and that I’m going to be something great. She’s so sugary sweet, but I don’t know. I don’t know if college is for me.

I walked into the kitchen where Mom was making me lunch. She smiled at me, and asked me about school. I told her I was stressed, and she said not to worry. I told her that I could really use a blowjob, and she laughed. I wasn’t kidding, though. I really could.

Mommy was perfect. She always took care of me, and made me feel good. Truth was, I didn’t want to leave for college. I wanted to stay with her. I was afraid that she wouldn’t understand my feelings for her. It was pointless. I needed her, and I had to have her.

She turned back around to finish making my sandwich, and I pulled out my device. I called for her, “Hey, Mom. Take a look at this.” She turned towards me, and the device hit her eyes immediately. As it took control of her, I explained that she would address me as Master. Her eyes fluttered, and she said in a hypn0tic tone, “Yes, Master.” I told her that she would do anything to please me sexually. I commanded that she continue looking at the screen, finish preparing my sandwich, and give me a blowjob. This was the start of a different relationship with Mom.

After minutes had passed, she walked towards me in a trance. She was wearing nothing but an apron and heels when she handed me my sandwich. Her eyes were blank, and she was staring off, “Here you are, Master.” I ate the sandwich and watched TV as she stood beside me, waiting for my command.

I had an idea. Why not get a blowjob AND eat a sandwich at the same time? I commanded her to do so, and with a “Yes, Master,” she was on her knees. I watched TV as she mindlessly sucked my cock. Things couldn’t be better.

I was enjoying myself when, all of a sudden, she snapped out of her trance. She looked at me confused, “Honey? What’s going on?” Before she could figure out what had happened, I pulled out the device and took control of her again. Her eyes fluttered and rolled, and she said in a hypn0tic voice, “Thank you for reprogramming me, Master.”

I didn’t want to take any chances, though. I couldn’t have her falling out of her hypn0sis. I gave her a chip, and told her to place it on her forehead. She obediently took the chip, and as soon as it hit her head, her eyes fluttered and rolled, and her head went down. When she lifted her head back up, her eyes spiraled, “Congratulations, son. Mommy is now permanently programmed. Shall I continue with my duties?” With a simple command, she was sucking and jerking my cock again.

After a bit, she suggested I use her pussy to help relax, so I did. After all, I was really stressed. I got behind her and fucked her hard, changing her into different positions. I even made her bounce on my cock. She stared off, emotionless, and completely silent. Mommy felt amazing.

When I was ready to cum, she got down on her knees, and I came all over her pretty chest. She stared straight ahead, and said, “Can I do anything else for you, Master?” I told her to clean up, and gave her a kiss. Mommy will do anything for me. She said so herself.

This clip includes: fluttering, eye rolling, sweet mom trained into obedient slave, mindless obedience, following commands/orders, hypn0tized talking and movement, blank looks, trance, staring off, emotionless, blowjob, handjob, falling out of trance, reprogrammed, chip on forehead, permanently programmed, special fx, spiral in eyes, fucking, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, cum on tits, cleaning/chores

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The Perfect Mommy

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