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Desperate To Pee During Photoshoot




Part 1: Fifi is a final year college student, and her bills are mounting up. She stresses out, thinking about how she is going to pay all of her bills. The term of her scholarship has finished, and her parents can’t afford to loan much, given the state of the U.S. economy, and that her parents are also saving to send her younger sibling to college as well.

While looking for additional work, she sees an advertisement online that is looking for glamour models, paying excellent hourly rates for more explicit and daring poses. Although Fifi has never modeled, she’s willing to do anything at this point to pay the bills. She calls the number on the advertisement, and to her surprise, is given a time for a shoot despite her lack of experience. The photographer asks for her dress and shoe size, and being insecure about her dress and bust size, she states that she is a size smaller than her true size.

Early on the day of her shoot, Fifi is quite anxious, so she drinks 1/2 bottle of vodka straight out of the bottle to calm her nerves, giving herself some extra courage. She arrives at the photographer’s studio on time, and when she enters the studio, she is initially overwhelmed by how professional it is with all the photographer’s camera equipment and lighting in the room already set up. The photographer explains to Fifi that he will direct her through the shoot, and reassures her that she doesn’t have to worry about anything, and that he is very experienced with new models. He then gives her a tight figure hugging little white dress, a black thong, a black bra, and strappy heels. The photographer then leaves the studio area, but there is no designated changing room, so she changes in the studio area. She comments to herself, when she puts on the bra, thong, and dress, how small and tight they are. She attempts to get more comfortable by pushing the dress down as far as she can, but it’s obvious it may be a little too small. Fifi puts on the black strappy shoes, and the photographer returns to the room, and gets ready to start the shoot.

The photographer instructs her how to pose, starting with her standing, and then working her into sexier poses. Because of the vodka earlier on, Fifi feels the need to pee, and asks the photographer if she can use the bathroom. The photographer says she can once the shoot sequence is finished. She tries to hide her need as best as she can, and the photographer asks her to take off her shoes, then slowly her dress. She takes off her dress as sexily as she can, following the wishes of the photographer while desperate to use the bathroom. After her dress is off, and in just lingerie, her desperation becomes even more apparent, and she asks if she can use the bathroom again, to which the photographer responds again that she can when the shoot sequence is over. The photographer then instructs her to take off her bra, then thong, and takes even more sexier photos. Fifi follows the photographer’s instructions and does so with desperation even more apparent, now pushing her thighs together and putting her hands in front of her crotch.

The photographer takes more photos, then asks her to sit on the floor with her legs and feet together, followed by moving her legs apart. She asks again if she can use the bathroom, showing her clearly pushing her thighs together and her hands between her thighs, to which the photographer simply gives her more encouragement, and says she can once the shoot sequence is over. Fifi reluctantly and slowly moves her thighs apart. She stops for a moment half way through because she fears she can’t hold it anymore, but continues to move them so the photographer has a full view. The photographer continues taking photos then asks her to part her labia with her fingers. At this point, she implores the photographer to let her use the bathroom, and the photographer, once again, simply encourages her, mentioning how well she is doing, and that she is being paid at the top hourly rate for this shoot. Fifi pauses, breathes slowly, then slowly parts her labia with her fingers, and as soon as she does, she closes her eyes, and begins peeing on the floor, relieving herself. The photographer keeps taking photos. After she finishes, she sees that she’s completely soaked the backdrop, and begins apologizing. Her embarrassment is obvious, as she covers her face with her hands in shame. The photographer then gets a towel to cover the puddle, then sits next to her, putting his arm around her and consoling her, and tells her how well she did, and not to worry about what happened. Fifi asks if there is any way she can give the photo shoot another try, and he offers another scene in the bathroom, in which she enthusiastically accepts.

Part 2: The photographer escorts Fifi to the bathroom for her next shooting sequence. She has been given a white bikini top and thong, and although she feels the need to use the bathroom again, she doesn’t mention it to the photographer. The photographer asks her to get in the shower, but not to turn the water on. He begins taking more photos, and her need to use the bathroom becomes more and more apparent again. He asks her to take off her bikini top, and she does so with her discomfort becoming obvious once again. She moves her legs in place, keeping her thighs together, and tries her hardest to stay sexy in the poses he suggests. The photographer continues to tell her to take off her thong, while still shooting her in multiple poses, and then to get on the shower floor. He asks her to move her thighs apart, and she does slowly and reluctantly, her discomfort clearly apparent with her slowly moving her legs apart. The photographer then hands her a big dildo, and asks her to slide it inside. She inspects it, and slowly slides it inside, but once it’s stretching her out further, she tells the photographer she needs to use the bathroom, to which he replies that she’s already in the bathroom. She looks at him, then slowly pees in the shower, relieving herself once again, and leaving a yellow stream. After Fifi finishes, she is embarrassed, but the photographer reassures her, commending her for her work, and leaves the bathroom, letting her take a shower to clean up.

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Desperate To Pee During Photoshoot