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Hot Cousin Takes Your Virginity And Completely Covered In Your Cum




Your cousin shows up for an unexpected visit. It’s been 10 years since you’ve last seen her, and now she’s fully developed. When she knocks on the door, you answer, opening the door, and she smiles at you. You can’t help but look her up and down as she stands in front of you.

Oh, hey cuz! Um, wow, I haven’t seen you in forever. Hey, Aunt Linda. Um, can–can I come inside…do you mind? Sorry, this is, like, really heavy. What…do you not recognize me? I haven’t seen you in, like, 10 years. It’s me…your cousin, Fifi. Well, it’s been a while. Can you help me take this to your room? I mean, it’s still up here, right? The same spot? You grab your cousin’s luggage, and follow her upstairs. She stops, and smiles before entering your room.

Can I just walk in?… So, you really don’t recognize me? Well, it has been forever. Oh, well, I have an idea. Were you–were you playing a video game? Um, maybe we can take turns or something? I know I look a lot different. Alright, so, I’ll just play until I lose, and then you can play if you want. Instead of paying attention to the game, you are focused on your cousin. You glare at her chest and body as she stares at the TV screen.

Okay, so, I lost. So, I guess it’s your turn. Here. She tries to hand you the controller, but you don’t take it. Do you not wanna play or something? I mean, we don’t have to play…I just thought it would be an idea since we haven’t seen each other in so long. It’s okay…. Well, we can talk instead, if you want. So, um…what are the girls like down here? Have you been dating anybody? Have you been seeing anybody? Are the girls pretty down here? I mean…come on, tell me some stuff! I just haven’t seen you in forever. I mean, ten years, something has had to have happened. You know what–here, tell me something like really juicy, like some sort of secret…like, well, so have you, I don’t know, have you had sex with anybody? How many girls have you had sex with? I’ve had sex with TONS of guys, and my mom has no idea….

What? Come on…you’ve never had sex before? No way! Oh my gosh, are you serious? I mean, yeah, I’ve had sex with several guys…like TONS of them. Oh my god, I can’t believe you’ve never had sex before. You know, it’s not a big deal. You know, you…you have a hard-on. Was it because I was talking about all of those guys that I fucked? Oh, I’m really sorry. You know what…here, this is kind of weird, but I can–I can help you. We just won’t tell anybody. Here, take your pants off. I can’t believe you’ve never had sex before, seriously. You’re really–you’re really hard. Has anyone ever even touched you down there before? Can…can I touch you?…. See, that feels good, doesn’t it? It’s been a while since you’ve seen me, huh? You know, I’m all grown up now. I hope this isn’t making you feel weird or anything. I can feel your veins bulging…. I want you just to relax, don’t be nervous. Wow, you’re just throbbing in my hand.

Here, I have an idea. Let me get on top of you…that way you can feel what it’s like to be inside of a pussy…. I’ll make sure and go really slow for you. Are you ready?… Are you sure? I’ll just go nice and slow, okay?… Do you like how that feels? You’re so hard inside of me. Oh god…. You feel so good. I need to be quiet…I don’t want your mom to hear me! Tell me I feel good. How does your first pussy feel?

I have an idea, I have an idea! Why don’t–why don’t you take control. Here, you take control. I promise it’ll feel really good. Okay, just-just, you know, just go in nice and slow, okay? It’s okay, just thrust your hips…. Yeah, there you go. Oh god, see, that feels really good. It’s okay, you can thrust harder if you want. I just want you to feel good, this is your first time. See, see? You’re doing a good job. You’re making me feel good. We have to be quiet, we have to be quiet! Shhh! Oh god, oh god, I think you’re getting ready to cum. Oh god, oh my god…that’s a huge load.

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Hot Cousin Takes Your Virginity And Completely Covered In Your Cum

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