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Inside Lilyth’s Mouth




**Starring Goddess Lilyth**

Lilyth knows exactly what you want. She saw you looking at her bright lips, and knows you’re curious to find out what’s inside of them. She smiles, opening her juicy, purple lips, and runs her tongue across her crooked teeth. She opens her mouth wide, flicking her pierced, spotted tongue back and forth, and the veins bulge around her piercing. She continues showing off, letting you see all of her cavities, and the stains covering her teeth. She giggles softly, sticking her tongue out, and her uvula pulsates, moving slowly with her breaths. Her fingers spread her mouth wider, and her pink gums are in full view as she moves her mouth slowly from side to side. Spit covers her now purple fingers, and her piercing bulges from her lip, but Lilyth makes sure to show you everything you’ve ever wanted to see.

This clip includes: Goddess Lilyth, mouth fetish, purple lipstick, purple lips, teeth, stained teeth, cavities, fillings, pierced tongue, pierced lip, crooked teeth, veiny tongue, uvula, giggling, smiling, spit, lipstick fetish, tongue fetish, teeth fetish, lip fetish

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Inside Lilyth’s Mouth