A One Night Stand With My Brother




Ugh…my head is k.i.l.l.ing me. I need some ibuprofen or something. **Your sister turns to her side, and rests with her eyes closed** That party was so much fun last night. I got SOOOO wasted. Mmm…you felt amazing.

**She opens her eyes to greet her one night stand, but instead, finds you looking back at her** AH! What the fuck are you doing in my bed? Get out! Is this…is this yours? No…. We didn’t-we didn’t…we didn’t do anything, did we? I can’t remember. No, no, no, we didn’t. UGH! Gross! Ew, you’re my brother! Who cares–who cares that I said it was amazing? That’s DISGUSTING. Oh god…GET OUT!

…What? Really? Did you…did you really think it was amazing? You liked it? We really…we really had sex? How wasted were we? Oh my god, what a crazy party. You seriously thought it was amazing? I mean, look at all that cum in there. Listen, listen, um…we can’t tell anybody what happened.

What? Are you serious? You wanna do it again? Well, yeah, it-it felt amazing. It was honestly the best sex I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I’m saying that about my brother. I mean, I…I guess we can do it again if you want. But, you know, we gotta get this house cleaned up before Mom and Dad get back. I don’t want them to know that we threw a party. I can’t–I can’t believe we’re doing this. Oh my god, wow. Let me get on top of you.

Are you…are you ready? Are you sure? Oh god, you feel really good inside of me….

Oh god, oh fuck…you’re going to make me cum. Come on, I want you to cum. Oh fuck…we don’t have a condom. Um, it’s okay…it’s okay…I’m on birth control, just cum inside of me, okay? Cum inside of me.

Fuck, fuck! I feel it…I feel your cum inside of me. Oh my god, oh my god…it’s so far…it’s so far deep inside of me. That’s such a huge load, brother. I can’t–I can’t believe we just did that. We can’t tell anybody about this.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, brother/sister, one night stand with brother, party, vodka, alcohol, wakes up to see her brother beside her and a used condom, virtual sex, POV sex, riding, virtual creampie, secret

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A One Night Stand With My Brother

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