The Perfect Escape: A Ruined Orgasm




“So, what do you wanna do?” The beautiful blond looks at you, and you ask her for the “prices.” Unfortunately for her, you’re an undercover cop, and when you find out she’s soliciting sex, you put her under arrest. She compliantly puts out her hands, and you cuff them while you wait for backup to arrive. While you wait, she tempts you, telling you all the pleasures she can give you with her mouth and hands. The blond tugs on your pants gently, trying to convince you to take them off. You’re hesitant, but she does make a good point. You do have some time before backup arrives, so you unbuckle your pants.

With no worry of escape, you let her touch your hard cock. She runs her shackled hands up and down, and smiles–her blue eyes watching you. She giggles, and continues to pleasure you, telling you to relax. Your precum sticks to her handcuffs, and she tempts you yet again. “These handcuffs are kinda tight. Do you think you could take them off?… I’ll give you a nice striptease.” You’re hesitant again, so she drops to her knees, and runs her tongue from the base to the tip of your cock. It makes you shiver with pleasure, so you agree.

You unlock her cuffs, and she gives you a slow, sensual striptease. She walks up to you naked, grabs your cock, and strokes gently with her hand. Her other hand massages your balls, “You have me all naked, and all to yourself…” She talks sweetly, trying to convince you to let her go. If you do, she says she will give you a blowjob. Again, you are hesitant, but after a few more licks from her, you agree. She stays down on her knees, and massages your head with her tongue. She licks your shaft, and gently strokes with her hands, making you harder and harder until you’re throbbing.

The blond continues the blowjob, and just as you’re ready to explode, she ruins your orgasm. Cum shoots from your cock, and she laughs, watching it fly into the air. “Oh, it’s so hot watching you cum like that.” You’re too tired to cuff her again, so she puts her clothes back on, and kisses the tip of your cock. She then makes her escape outside.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, bribing, undercover cop and prostitute, handcuffs, handcuff handjob, tempting, seduction, licking, striptease, ball massage, ball sucking, blowjob, edging, ruined orgasm, huge cumshot, smiling, laughing/giggling, blond, eye contact, blowjob eyes, role-play

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The Perfect Escape: A Ruined Orgasm