My Girlfriend’s Concave Stomach




Your girlfriend stands in front of the mirror, looking back at her reflection. She turns to her side and gently sucks her stomach in, running her fingers across her tightened body. Unable to look away, she catches you, and shyly smiles.

“Oh, hey. Were you watching me? I…I just got this new crop top, and I was seeing how it looked in the mirror. I know it kinda seems weird, but girls always do this stuff when they get new clothes. Do…do you like it or something? Do you want me to keep doing it?”

She turns her body towards you and grabs the bedpost, stretching her stomach out. She sucks her stomach in, and you focus on her beautiful bellybutton. Excited that you like it, she lies on the bed and sweetly says, “Watch.” She pulls her stomach back in, and her ribs stick out. Her fingers caress her skin, running over her body, and she twists to her side. She arches her back, making her stomach even flatter, and pulls up her top to show off.

Now that she knows she has your attention, she smiles, and then rests on her knees. You watch as she gets in different positions and sucks in, giving herself a perfect concave stomach.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, belly fetish, belly stretching, sucking in, concave stomach, belly play, navel, belly button fetish, crop top, topless, smiling, blue eyes

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My Girlfriend’s Concave Stomach