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Daughter Gives Her Daddy A Condom Blowjob




Your daughter approaches you while you’re lying down, “Hi, Daddy,” she says with a smile. She is naked, only wearing latex gloves, and loves making her daddy happy. She knows she’s your favorite girl, and wants one thing from you–your cock inside of her dirty mouth. “Oh Daddy, I promise it’ll feel good. Please, Daddy? Let me just…let me feel it.”

She grabs your crotch from outside of your PVC rain pants, and playfully squeezes it with her latex hand. “Daddy, do you like it when I touch you?” She smiles, rubbing until you’re erect, “Daddy, let me see it.” She tugs gently on your clear poncho, giggling, and moves it to the side. Her latex hand wraps around your hard cock, and she strokes up and down.

After a few seconds, she stops, opens up a condom, and slides it over your throbbing cock. She secures it nice and tight by sliding her hands against the shaft, “So, Daddy, do you want my dirty mouth on it?” She wraps her mouth around your cock, and sucks softly on the plastic. She licks and kisses your shaft, admiring the feel of the condom against her gloves.

After a while of slowly pleasuring you, she runs her hands faster against your shaft. Her head bobs, moving her mouth up and down quickly, and she is eager to get you off. You finally erupt inside the condom, and she smiles, “Ah, Daddy…did you–did you cum?” She pushes the cum to the top of the condom, and then slides it off, giggling, and admiring your huge load.

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Daughter Gives Her Daddy A Condom Blowjob