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Punishing the Cheating Girlfriend




Your girlfriend has been lying to you, and you’ve had enough, so you wait for her to come home so you can catch her. She’s been cheating on you, and is surprised to see you standing by the door when she walks in. “Were you waiting for me?…” You tell her to come in, and when you ask where she’s been, she tells you at a friend’s house. You confront her, and when you’re sick of her continuous lie, you say, “Center.” She sighs, knowing she’s been caught, and you tell her to strip down. She whines, “…but I don’t want to,” but your voice is demanding, and she obeys. She pouts, taking each piece of clothing off, “Please don’t make me do this.” When she’s completely naked, you tell her to do the murga as punishment. “Oh, please…I hate the murga.” She sighs again, but spreads her legs, wraps her arms around her knees, and reaches between her legs to grab her ears. She struggles trying to do the sitting murga, and complains about the pain in her legs. You continue to further humiliate her by telling her to do a rooster sound. She obeys, and after a minute, you tell her to turn left. She shifts herself, still doing the punishment, and falls on the ground, exhausted. After another minute, you tell her to turn left again, and her back is facing you. She looks through her legs, struggling to hold herself up. Unable to hold herself in such an uncomfortable position, she falls again, but continues her well-deserved punishment. You tell her to turn around, and while she’s doing the murga, you command she pees. She pees, leaving a huge puddle on the floor, and cries, completely embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, I promise.” She asks if she can put her clothes back on, and satisfied with her humiliation and punishment, you allow her to. This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, cheating girlfriend, you punish her, punishment, forced stripping, embarrassed naked female, murga, humiliation, embarrassment, peeing, crying, POV

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Punishing the Cheating Girlfriend