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The Blond Knockout




Instead of joining the party outside, Fifi has decided to sit by herself, and enjoy some of the refreshments provided by the hosts. She likes her own company, but is soon joined by an older woman who finds her extremely attractive. She smiles at the blond, introducing herself as Leilani, and makes small talk, leaving Fifi shy and awkward. The woman compliments Fifi’s appearance, and then gets more handsy, feeling her dress, and touching her hair.

The blond becomes uncomfortable, and before she can react to what the older woman is doing, the woman covers her mouth, and holds her nose. Fifi panics, and tries to struggle, but falls limp. Leilani lies her head on the table, repositions her body, and then pushes her back before picking her up.

Leilani’s motive has nothing to do with the party. She has been attending them to find pretty, little, shy things that she can take back home with her. That is if, of course, she likes what she sees. With the blond on her shoulder, Leilani takes her to the bedroom, and throws her onto the bed. Fifi falls limp and lifeless, unaware of what’s happened. Leilani then drags her body farther up, strokes her cheek, and admires her pretty blond.

After just a few seconds, Fifi awakens, dazed and confused, “What the fuck? What the–,” but is quickly silenced. She muffles, struggling through the hand gag, but the older woman knocks her back out. Leilani then picks up the blond’s arms and drops them, watching them fall limp onto the mattress. “Good…” she smiles. She continues to touch the unconscious blond, moving her limbs, and undressing her. She gropes her perky tits, giggling to herself, and then licks her perfect nipples. “I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.” The woman pulls down Fifi’s panties, and looks at her young, shaved pussy.

Excited at what she sees, Leilani decides she has to keep the pretty blond all to herself. Unfortunately for her, Fifi regains consciousness and quickly tries to get up to run away, but is forced back down onto the bed. The woman knocks her out, and before Fifi can wake up again, Leilani puts tape over her mouth. She then shifts and positions her limp body, allowing her to tie up Fifi with rope. Once she’s gagged, hog-tied, and limp, Leilani decides it’s time to take her home.

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The Blond Knockout