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Magic Ring Transforms Little Sister Into Fuck Toy




Time and time again, your little sister interrupts you masturbating, and you are unable to finish. She is such a cock block, and you’ve had enough of it! It’s almost like she waits for you to masturbate, and then bursts through the door to giggle, or be completely appalled at what you’re doing. This time she’s done it! You are so frustrated because you can’t finish, that you decide to call your friend about a mind control ring he’s told you so much about. You ask if you can borrow it, and once your plan is in motion, you arrange to meet up with him. You can’t wait to try this new ring out on your little sister, and you look at it, waiting for your sister to burst into your room. She giggles, saying she figured you’d be masturbating, and you introduce the ring to her. She looks at it, exclaiming how pretty it is, but it doesn’t belong to her. You tell her that she can have it, to try it on to see if it fits. She slips it onto her finger, but when she tries to take it off, it’s stuck–she can’t get it off. Since she’s happy with her new gift anyways, she thanks you and walks towards the door. You tell her to stop and to turn around. “Yes, Master. Did… Did I just call you Master? Uh, okay… What is it?” You explain to her that you haven’t been able to get off all week because she think it’s fun to walk in while you’re masturbating. You tell her that you’re going to get your revenge, and that you ARE finally going to get off. She giggles, and tells you she’s leaving, but you tell her to stop and to turn around, and she obeys. “Yes, Master. Why do I keep saying that!? Oh, God. Whatever.” She laughs nervously, completely confused. You tell her to give you a striptease, and as she tells you no, her body automatically begins undressing itself. She is confused, having no control of her body whatsoever, and tells you that this isn’t funny. Your sister proceeds to strip down slowly for you, telling you not to look, and how embarrassed she is. “Why is it moving like this!? I don’t move my body like this!” Once your sister is naked, you command her to get on her knees, and to suck on your fingers. “Yes, Master. Why do I keep saying that!? I’m not going to get on my knees, and suck your fingers!” As she exclaims that, she has already obeyed your command, and she opens her mouth wide for you to insert your fingers. She sucks on them, and you command her to get on the bed. She is obedient, “Yes, Master,” as she walks to the bed and sits down–confused as to why she has no control of her body. You command her, once again, to suck on your fingers, to make sure and get them really wet, and she licks them slowly and sensually. You tell your sister to lay back, and she obeys, calling you Master. Still confused, she opens her legs, and you begin fingering her. She moans from pleasure, enjoying herself, and tells you how good it feels. “Oh, Master, that feels so good.” As she tells you she is about to cum, you stop, and she begs and begs for you to let her cum. She needs to learn a lesson, and you tell her that she needs to get you off first. “Yes, Master.” You lay down on the bed, and command your sister to give you a handjob. She obeys, and her mind is now in full sync with her body after being pleasured, and she begins stroking up and down your shaft slowly and sensually. Your sister tells you how good your hard cock feels inside of her hand. “Oh, Master. I’m here to please you.” You then command your sister to give you a blowjob, and she wraps her mouth around the head of your cock, slowly working it up and down the shaft. Your sister covers your cock in drool, and eagerly pumps her mouth over it, deepthroating it. You continue giving her various commands, and she obeys every one of them with a “Yes, Master.” She gets on top of you, once commanded, and puts your cock inside of her. Your sister bounces on it, and soon your cock is covered with her pussy juices. “Oh, brother, that feels so good. My brother has such a nice, hard cock. That feels so good inside of my tight pussy.” She moans, and continues to tell you how good she feels. You tell her to get on her knees, and you thrust your cock into her doggystyle. You fuck her hard and fast, as she tells you to use her, and that she’s all yours. “Oh, brother! You fuck me so good!… Use my body, please!” You smack her ass hard, and flip her over onto her back. You put her legs on your shoulders, and shove your cock inside of her pussy. “Oh, God! You’re driving me crazy, Master. Fuck me! Big brother, you feel so good.” You tell her to get on her knees, and to suck your dick. “Yes, Master.” She goes up and down the shaft with her mouth, as she tastes herself on your cock. Satisfied, you tell her to open her mouth, and you jerk your cum inside of it. “Yes, Master. Anything for my Master.” She swallows, once commanded, and you tell her to stand up, get her clothes, and to leave your room. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO, BLOW JOBS, FACIALS, DOGGYSTYLE, EROTIC MAGIC

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Magic Ring Transforms Little Sister Into Fuck Toy

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