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The Viagra Treatment




I had a last minute call from a patient who insisted on coming in that same day. I waited in the back, and sent my nurse to collect his paperwork, making sure he wasn’t allergic to any medications, as well as reviewing his medical records. Once everything was checked, I had the nurse bring him back into my office.

I shook his hand, and introduced myself as Dr. Foxx. He looked nervous, so I told him to take a seat, and let him know I would go through some basic procedures. I put the stethoscope to my ears, and asked him to take a few deep breaths so I could listen to his heart and lungs. Everything sounded normal, so I asked him what he came in for.

He told me that he had a date earlier, and wanted to impress the young woman, so he took some Viagra. However, instead of taking the recommended dose, he took three of the tablets, and the woman never showed.

I explained that he shouldn’t be taking such a high dosage, and then proceeded to examine his penis to make sure everything was okay. I grabbed his shaft gently, squeezing from outside his pants. He was extremely stiff, and he claimed to have discomfort as well as pressure build up in the area. I concluded that, as far as treatment, we would have to drain him. Furthermore, we would have to completely empty his balls.

I continued to explain that the nurse would be assisting me, and it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it would be quite pleasurable. I told him to get comfortable, and he pulled down his pants to reveal his hard penis. I told the nurse to run her hand up and down the shaft, and then asked him if it caused any pain. Comfortable with the procedure, we proceeded, and I cupped his balls in my hand.

I told him to relax, and to try and cum for me. I noticed the pre-cum draining from his cock, and as the nurse stroked, made sure his balls were slowly releasing pressure. The nurse and I switched, and I began stroking his penis as she examined his leakage. We took turns, stroking his shaft and massaging his balls, until he finally ejaculated. His huge load released all over my hand, as well as himself. The nurse cleaned him up, and we sent him on his way.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx, doctor, nurse, patient, too much Viagra for patient, stethoscope, examination, draining balls, handjob, massaging balls, procedure, treatment, pre-cum play, huge cum shot

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The Viagra Treatment