Bella Ink 17″ Latex Balloon Blow to Pop B2P




Bella Ink stretches the latex to her 17″ pink balloon. She’s curious to see how big she can get it before it explodes into pieces. She puts the balloon up to her lips and begins blowing, watching it grow right in front of her face. After several big breaths, she stops to look at how much it’s expanded. She rubs it between her hands, feeling the tightened balloon on her fingertips.

She teases, letting the air leak out for just a second, and then quickly stops it, smiling at you. After several big breaths go into the balloon, she once again stops to admire how big it’s grown. She continues to blow, and suddenly the balloon starts to shape into a pear. Bella gets anxious, but is determined to make it pop. She rubs her fingers against the pink latex, and listens to the balloon squeak.

As the balloon inflates bigger, Bella has a harder time blowing into it. She stretches the latex one last time, and with just a single breath, it explodes everywhere! The pieces fly all over the place, and Bella shrieks. Still excited and shocked, she can’t help but smile and laugh.

This clip includes: Bella Ink, 17″ pink balloon, blow to pop, b2p, lingerie, smiling, giggling, teasing, balloon play with fingers, pop, popping, latex shreds flying everywhere

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Bella Ink 17″ Latex Balloon Blow to Pop B2P