Weigh In and Progress Check With My Personal Trainer




I’ve been paying a personal trainer to help me stay in shape. Every two to three weeks, I go over to her house to check my progress.

I usually feel pretty confident when I go to see her. I’ve only cheated on my diet a few times, but felt like I was getting enough exercise. I was even drinking those protein shakes that I heard help build muscle.

When I got there, she had me step on the scale, and holy sh*t, I gained — pounds. There was no way that was right! I asked if she would let me try again, but the next time I stepped on, the scale didn’t work. I was so embarrassed. I was supposed to be losing weight, but I was even bigger! Maybe I had built some muscle. Muscle makes you weigh more, right?

I could tell that my trainer was disappointed; she started to ask me about my diet. I told her I was drinking protein shakes for every meal, but wasn’t exercising with them. I didn’t know that you had to do both.

And now that she had mentioned it, I did feel like my clothes were getting tighter. I always ignored it, assuming it wasn’t that big of a deal. My body felt like it was being squeezed by my clothes, and my chest was practically popping out.

My trainer came closer and started touching my stomach with her hands. She said I was “squishy,” and acted as if I hadn’t been trying to stay in good shape. And then she did something even worse. She lifted my top, and then moved down my yoga pants, and my huge stomach popped right out.

I tried to play it off, asking if it was muscle, but it was obvious that I had grown a big belly. She told me that I needed to start hitting the gym, but I didn’t want to. Hell, I didn’t even want to eat healthy foods. I was eating McDonald’s at least once or twice a day.

She squeezed my sides, and I couldn’t believe it…I had love handles! Oh, but she didn’t stop there. She asked me to turn around so she could see how big my ass had gotten. I mean, my panties barely covered it. I admitted to her that I had been drinking sodas, too.

She moved down to my “thunder thighs.” I honestly didn’t think I had gained that much weight. When I looked down, I noticed that I didn’t have a thigh gap anymore. My legs were touching!

Wasn’t there some sort of exercise that I could do without actually…moving? I really just didn’t feel like it. I hadn’t given up, though. Surely there was something that had improved. I tried to flex my arms to show muscle, but my trainer was able to jiggle the fat on my arms.

I couldn’t stop shaking the fat from my belly. I didn’t want to stop eating all of those delicious foods, and god, soda…soda was heaven. Maybe there was some sort of weight loss pill I could take and not have to worry. My trainer kept telling me I had to exercise. Ugh, maybe I could just cover up my belly with my pants.

When I pulled them up, my belly bulged. There was no hiding it. I told her I wanted to come back for another consultation, but truth was, I didn’t want to put all the effort in. I was already thinking about where I was going to eat at next.

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Weigh In and Progress Check With My Personal Trainer