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Bound for Ransom




Ransom video #1:

Fifi Foxx is the spoiled daughter of a well-known rich man. She has been ki.dnapped by a man who plans to take some of Daddy’s money by holding her ransom. The ki.dnapper explains to the camera, telling her dad, that he better pay up, or he’s not going to like what happens to his precious girl. As he talks into the camera, poor Fifi struggles–blindfolded, gagged, and tied up. The ki.dnapper is rough with her, telling her to be quiet, and grabs her breasts, feeling her up. She cries, trying to muffle through the gag, but the ki.dnapper ignores her, showing Daddy that he means business.

Ransom video #2:

Fifi Foxx is tied to the chair. She screams and cries, begging for Daddy to help her. The ki.dnapper comes in, and he’s pissed. Her dad hasn’t paid. He’s going to show him how serious the situation really is. He unties Fifi, forces her to get up from the chair, and then shoves her. Defenseless, she tries to fight back, and he removes her blindfold, demanding she strip down. Terrified, she slowly begins undressing, but it’s not quick enough for her ki.dnapper. He is rough with her, tugging at her dress until she finally takes it off. She tries to cover her body with her dress, but he pushes her, and then pulls at her bra.

With nothing on but her panties, the ki.dnapper commands she sit back down in the chair. He tells her he is going to mail the clothes to Dad, along with this video. She cries through her gag, and begs the camera to help her as the ki.dnapper ties her back up. He tells her that she is going to give him a blowjob, and then removes her gag. Once her mouth is free, she begs and pleads, but the ki.dnapper gets his hard cock out. “Show Daddy how good you can suck cock.”

He forces his cock into her mouth, and she cries, choking and coughing on it. She tries to resist, but the ki.dnapper becomes more aggressive, pulling at her hair, and shoving his cock further into her mouth. After he’s brutally face-fucked her mouth, he keeps it open so he can cum inside. Cum and spit drip from her mouth, and before the camera gets turned off, Fifi cries, “Daddy, why are you doing this to me? Daddy, please just pay him.”

This clip includes: ki.dnapper, ki.dnaps spoiled daughter of a wealthy man, 2 ransom videos, rope bondage, cleave gag, panty stuffing in mouth, blindfold, chest groping, rough, shoving/pushing, gag-talk, muffling, crying, begging/pleading, struggling, forced stripping, forced blowjob, face-fucking, hair pulling, deepthroat, choking, spit/drool, coughing, resistance, cum in mouth, male domination, POV shots

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Bound for Ransom