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Blackmailing a Cheater: Stripping Down My Sister




I hate that my sister is dating my best friend. She’s always going out, dolling herself up, and I know that she isn’t with him.

I decided to confront her about it. She was fixing herself up when I approached her. She glared at me through the mirror, “…What are you doing?” I asked where she was going, and she told me she was going out to see some “cute guys.” She smiled when I asked her about Matt, my best friend.

She had no intention of bringing him, let alone telling him. I told her it was cheating, and she gave me a shitty response. “No, well, I mean…it’s not cheating if nobody else knows.” Oh, that pissed me off. I started to argue with her, and she told me to fuck off.

You know what? I was going to tell him myself, and I let her know that. She argued with me, but I was being serious. I’d tell him in a heartbeat. She changed her tone, “Listen, I will do anything if you don’t tell him.”

I told her to take off her shirt, and she acted like she was appalled. “What do I look like? A fucking whore?” She started bitching about how I was her brother, and when I started walking away to tell Matt, she agreed. At first, I told her it was just her shirt. She kept complaining that it was really weird, but I didn’t care. Act like a whore, and I’ll treat you like one.

She was going to do whatever the hell I wanted. “Is this what you wanted to fucking see? Your sister’s tits?” She held her arm over her bra, and I pulled at it. I demanded that she take off her bra, and she tried to cover herself up when she was topless. Every time she refused to do something, I blackmailed her. I could tell she was completely embarrassed, but I kept pushing her to get naked.

To make matters worse, when she was naked, I told her to spin around for me. She rushed through it, but I wasn’t fucking around. She kept trying to cover up with her hands and arms, but I wanted to see everything. I saw her bra on the counter and quickly grabbed it. She ran to get it, exposing all of her naked body, and then embarrassed, covered herself back up again.

I taunted her with it, letting her grab it, and then pulled it back. “Come on. Just give me my bra, please? Please?” She tried to bribe me, saying she would do my chores, but I wanted to humiliate her. I wanted her to shake her ass. It was hilarious. She was so desperate to get her bra back, that she actually turned around, and did it.

I still didn’t give it to her, and she was mad. She picked up her heels and threatened me. I made her work for it. When she finally got her clothes back, I told her I’d still tell him unless, of course, she kept doing what I said. I made her get dressed in front of me, and I could see the embarrassment on her face. She hated it. She was trying to hide her body from me.

I teased her, saying that I was going to tell him anyways, but I just wanted to fire her up. I wasn’t really going to tell him, but hey, this wasn’t going to be the last time I blackmailed her.

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Blackmailing a Cheater: Stripping Down My Sister

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