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The Neurolizer feat. Terra Mizu and Fifi Foxx




POV (Mr. Aiden Valentine) is head of the research and development team for Ms. Foxx’s wealthy company. He nervously stands in front of her, excited to show off the prototype to his latest invention. “Okay, tell me a little bit about it,” his boss says to him.

Mr. Valentine explains it as a hand-held device, which has been named the neurolizer, that limits the time it takes to train a new employee. That, in turn, could save the company 15% in training costs per year, and potentially save the company millions of dollars a year.

With the cost already at 500,000 for just the prototype, Mr. Valentine is looking for another 2 million dollars to get to the next stage of the project. “Would you care to demonstrate on someone for me?” Ms. Foxx asks excitedly. “I can call my secretary in.”

After explaining to her secretary, Ms. Mizu, what’s going on, Ms. Foxx looks at POV, “Please show me how it works.” Mr. Valentine waves the device in front of the secretary, and she lets out a brainless “Huh,” as if it’s erased her brain.

“Ms. Mizu, you were just tellig me how wonderful my invention was,” Mr. Valentine tells her. The secretary rambles about how fantastic it is, and how she’s sure he’ll make millions. “Wow,” Ms. Foxx’s eyebrows raise. “So, you sort of suggest something and they…do it?”

The boss asks to have a go at it, swiping the device across her secretary’s face. “Ms. Mizu, you were just telling me what a wonderful boss I was,” Ms. Foxx says. Ms. Mizu goes on and on about how great of a boss she is, and how much she enjoys working for her.

Ms. Foxx is thrilled, excited, and curious to see what else the device can do. “Have you tried other things with it? Physical things? Can I try something?” she asks. She proceeds to swipe the neurolizer across her secretary’s face again. “Ms. Mizu, you were just taking your top off for us,” Ms. Foxx says. “Oh yes, I was just taking my top off,” the secretary agrees. “It is getting a little warm in here.”

A big, stupid smile appears on the secretary’s face as she finishes each task. Ms. Foxx is delighted and impressed, so she continues to push things a bit further. “Okay, so that worked, and she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it? She’s sort of just mindlessly doing any action or anything I’m suggesting that she do?” the boss asks fascinated. “Yeah, I mean…this wasn’t really what we had in mind when we invented it,” Mr. Valentine replies to her.

“We should have some fun with it, right?” Ms. Foxx insists. She moves the neurolizer across her secretary’s face again, telling her that she was just about to do a striptease. Once her classy assistant is down to just pantyhose and panties, Ms. Foxx insists that she was just about to twerk against the wall. Ms. Mizu shakes and bounces her big ass, and Ms. Foxx can’t help but giggle. “I know you like this,” she says smiling at Mr. Valentine. “That is going to be great for training employees because I can tell them whatever I want, and have them do whatever I want.”

“So, um…you were interested then in another round of funding, right?” Mr. Valentine asks. Although Ms. Foxx is interested, she’s not prepared to spend tons of money (2 million) on a device that she doesn’t feel does enough. But Mr. Valentine has an idea. He puts his brainwashing device in front of Ms. Foxx and moves it across her face. A stupid “Huh” comes out of her mouth, and Mr. Valentine takes a spin, “Ms. Foxx, you were just telling me how you were going to fund my project.”

Ms. Foxx’s mind suddenly changes, “Oh, Mr. Valentine, we would be happy to fund your project – any amount of money that you need. Please take my money and fund it.” Mr. Valentine is clever, now doubling the amount for the project to 4 million, which his boss happily agrees to. He decides to have some more fun now, scanning the device once again across Ms. Foxx’s face, and tells her she was just taking her shirt off.

“That’s right, I was just taking my top off – thank you for reminding me,” she says smiling. As one last go, Mr. Valentine moves the neurolizer across Ms. Foxx’s and Ms. Mizu’s faces, and watches as they let out another brainless “Huh” in unison. This time, however, he tells them they were just on their to follow him. The girls agree, and mindlessly follow Mr. Valentine to whatever sexy fun he has planned for them next.

This clip includes: Terra Mizu, Fifi Foxx, POV, aiden valentine, boss/employee, secretary, head of the research and development team shows off his latest prototype to his boss, she wants him to demonstrate it, brainwashing & suggesting device, used to train employees faster & save costs for the company, scanning across person’s face, has the secretary say several things, boss tries it out & decides to have some fun with it, striptease, big boobs, twerking, topless, ass shaking, tit groping, brainless, mindlessly, “huh,” stupid, woman following orders, commands, POV uses it on boss when she rejects funding, 2 girls controlled, mind control, magic control

2.6/5 (8 Reviews)

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The Neurolizer feat. Terra Mizu and Fifi Foxx