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Nikki Brooks Body Swap – Women Have it Easier in the Workplace




Amazing dialogue, acting, and awesome story line! Highly recommended! This was a custom porn video

Brad is a real estate agent who has had some bad luck selling houses recently. Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that he’s at point where he has to sell this next house or he’s going to get fired. He sprays down the microwave and kitchen counter, getting things prepared in the house for the scheduled potential buyers to come by.

A little worried, Brad calls Veronica, one of his female co-workers. He asks her how she does so well selling houses, and although she gives him some pointers, she doesn’t give him any real trade secrets. The both of them talk until Brad says that the only reason she probably sells houses is because she shows her ass and boobs. Of course this offends Veronica, and the two go back and forth yelling at one another. Finally his co-worker says, “If you were in my shoes, you would see it’s not as easy as you think,” and Brad proceeds to tell her the same thing. Veronica hangs up on Brad, and Brad yells about what a bitch his co-worker is.

Exhausted from cleaning the house, Brad goes to the refrigerator to grab a drink. After he downs some of it, he feels weird, and eventually falls to the ground. Next, Brad wakes up on the floor. He rubs his head, then leans up and sees a female reflection staring back at him in the stove. Not thinking it’s him, he lets out a flirty, “Hey, girl.”

Soon Brad realizes that he has long hair and feels a new weight on his chest – boobs. He stands up, now freaked out, to realize that he’s a female. On top of all that, his potential buyers will be by in about 15 minutes to see the house. He tries to gain his composure, well-aware that if he doesn’t sell this house, he could lose his job. However, now that he is a female, he thinks everything should be a piece of cake – all he’ll have to do is show some ass or boobs for the sale.

Because he’s still dressed like a man, Brad heads off to the bedroom where he knows the wife of the house has some clothes he could wear. He goes through the drawers, finds some clothes, and begins trying different things on. Once he’s settled on an outfit that he thinks looks sexy, which is actually really skimpy and inappropriate, he remembers that his co-workers usually wear heels, too. Brad struggles to put them on, and as he attempts to walk in them, immediately falls down. He holds the furniture for support, then tries again to balance himself in the black shoes.

Knowing he doesn’t have much time to practice, Brad stumbles to the bathroom to add some make-up to his face. Luckily he finds some, but struggles to put it on because he doesn’t know how. He tries his best despite even almost falling a couple of times from the heels. He licks his hand, pats down his long hair, and then rushes to the door once he hears the doorbell – the potential buyers are early.

Brad stumbles to the front door, trying his hardest to get there quickly, but trips and falls the whole way. Once he gets to the door, he practically falls as he swings open the door. The greeter asks if he is alright, and Brad shakes his hand accidentally introducing himself as Brad, but then corrects himself as Brad’s assistant, Veronica. As Brad shows off the house, he legs shake and he falls, but then plays it off as if he was checking the floor tile.

Brad invites the potential buyer to check out the rest of the house himself, and tells him he’ll be in the next room. Brad plops down on the couch, legs wide open like a man, and rests. He talks to himself, saying it’s not as easy to be a woman, especially when having to walk in high heels. Brad looks down and is excited again to see that he has big tits. He begins playing with them as the potential buyer is looking around, and then masturbates because he is turned on.

The potential buyer walks in on him masturbating and is shocked. The buyer tells Brad he’s no longer interested because of his unprofessionalism, but Brad begs for him to stay. He apologizes, telling the guy he’ll give him a discount, and then attempts to stand up. Brad falls to the ground, and the scene ends with Brad on the floor begging the potential buyer not to leave.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Aiden Valentine, Brad/Veronica, Brad is a real-estate agent who is having a hard selling houses, he needs to sell this next house or he will lose his job, calls his female co-worker for advice, ends up getting in a fight over the phone because of something insulting Brad says about women, Brad drinks something from the fridge & passes out, wakes up as woman, freaks out because potential buyers will be there soon, trying on different clothes & outfits, body exploration, tit groping, ass shaking/bouncing, attempting to walk in high heels, falling & stumbling, legs shaking, picks an inappropriate outfit, doesn’t know how to put make-up on, attempts to show off the house as a woman, has a hard time walking, masturbates in the other room, gets caught & begs the potential buyer not to leave, sound effects, body swap, gender transformation, body switch, swapping bodies, transfer

3.3/5 (8 Reviews)

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1 review for Nikki Brooks Body Swap – Women Have it Easier in the Workplace

  1. pjherington84

    Great ass too

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Nikki Brooks Body Swap – Women Have it Easier in the Workplace


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