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Mom Brainwashed & Fucked By Son




I was so close. My girlfriend, Fifi, and I had been dating for a few months, and we still were at that shy, awkward, no sex stage. “Just take your top off,” I told her. She blushed, afraid my mom might hear us, but after a little convincing, she actually did it!

“Do you like it?” Fifi smiled. “Do you wanna touch?” she giggled sweetly. Hell yeah, I wanted to touch…I had been waiting for this moment forever! “Now you have to show me something of yours,” she said. Oh man, I felt my cock twitch as soon as those words left her mouth. It was going to happen…it was FINALLY going to happen.

“Are you – are you hard?” Fifi smiled, her hand softly pawing at my bulge. I knew exactly what I wanted to show her, and exactly what I wanted her to do with it. But then, right at that perfect second, the unimaginable happened. No knock, no warning, but instead, “Who the hell are you?” Mom was furious as she busted through my bedroom door. “Oh my god, you’re topless!”

My girlfriend was mortified. The look on her face was utter embarrassment, and I was in just as much shock as she was. She quickly tried to cover up, but Mom wouldn’t let up. “Who is this fucking whore?!” she yelled. This was a complete disaster. Was my mom really causing a scene, and then calling MY girlfriend a whore!?

“I’m so sorry,” Fifi said looking down. “I am not a hoe!” Mom claimed that she was corrupting me, and when Fifi tried to get me involved, I acted like I had no idea what was going on. “My son would never do that – you are nothing but a hoe,” Mom said again harshly. She demanded my girlfriend leave, and once we were alone, I did the only thing I could think of – deny, deny, deny.

“I saw her breasts, Aiden…her breasts, they were exposed,” Mom said to me. “I saw what I saw.” For fuck’s sake, I was so close. I was finally going to get some action, some fucking pussy, but no, I had to get cock-blocked…by my MOM. If she thought she was going to stop me from getting laid, she was greatly mistaken.

You see, I had this special app on my phone. If things hadn’t sped up between me and my girlfriend, I was going to use it, but now it seemed to serve a completely different purpose. If Mom wanted to deny me sex from my girlfriend, then she was going to have to put out – I was going to get laid no matter what.

All I would have to do is start it, and her eyes would begin to flutter and roll as the device brainwashed her…sending her into a trance, and she’d be happy to serve me. Mom would listen to every command, every wish, every request that I had, and she’d be thrilled to do it. If I wanted to fuck her and enjoy a nice sandwich afterwards? Trust me, I’d have it…and I did.

This clip includes: MILF Gigi, Aiden Valentine, POV, POV is about to get lucky w/ his girlfriend, but gets cock-blocked by his mom barging into his room, Mom is furious & demands for girlfriend to leave, son is pissed he didn’t get any action, gets back at his mom, special app/device, brainwashing, trance, mind control, hypnosis, hynpo, eye fluttering, eye rolling, completely new attitude, “Yes, Master,” following commands/orders, obedient slave, stripping, virtual sex, missionary, smiling, happy to serve Master, submissive slut, dirty talk, mindlessly, special effects & sound design


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Mom Brainwashed & Fucked By Son

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