Meet the Entranced Family




Your girlfriend, Fifi, stands in front of you – her big, blue eyes giving you a concerned look, and her hands fidgeting nervously. She’s been talking about this day with you for weeks, and now it was finally here – it was the day she had planned for you to meet her mom.

You had heard all types of things about her mom, but you figured your girlfriend was exaggerating. She’d say things like “My mom’s kinda strict,” and “You know I’m Italian, and Italian moms are kinda…blunt, so just be prepared, okay?” Fifi made a point to say it one last time, too, before turning the knob to enter her house.

“Hey, Mom,” Fifi smiled awkwardly at her mom and you. “This is…this is my boyfriend, Aiden.” She confesses that you guys have been dating for a few months, and she’s been scared to say anything about it. “Aren’t you the jobless wonder?” Fifi’s mom looks at you. “That’s what I nicknamed you.”

No “hi,” or “how are you doing?” Mom already didn’t like you, and she was about to tear you to shreds. Poor Fifi was mortified, pathetically attempting to defend you, but there wasn’t anything she could say to stop her mom from ranting on and on about what a loser you were.

“Honestly – I mean, no offense, you are not good enough for my daughter,” Mom finally says. You are utterly humiliated, emasculated, and your face is red from embarrassment. What did you ever do to deserve all that?

“Can you at least try to be a little bit nicer?” Fifi says defeated. “I warned you – I told you this would happen,” Fifi says looking at you. Mom truly doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong, but rather than be harassed a second longer, you pull out your magic object.

Fifi, now beyond upset, looks away from Mom, which gives you the perfect opportunity to begin swinging your green trinket. Mom’s eyes flutter and roll, and she falls gently against her daughter with a huge smile on her face. “I have to say he’s kinda cute,” Mom says sweetly.

“Wh-what?” Fifi replies. It’s obvious something is off about her mom, and when her mom can’t stop talking about how attractive you are, Fifi grows suspicious. “Mom, are you hitting on him now?” she asks her. Of course Mom denies it, saying she’s only admiring your physique, but Fifi is beyond confused.

Mom continues to compliment your outfit, and then gropes her tits as she looks at you admiringly. “Did you-” Fifi giggles uncomfortably. “Hey, did you do something to her because she was literally just ripping-” Mom cuts her off with a flirty smile, “Oops, my button popped off.”

Fifi quickly throws her body over her mom’s, then looks at you. “She was literally just ripping you to shreds. Did you do something to her?” she finishes saying. Her mom continues to show off her perky tits, and that’s when Fifi notices your green, shiny trinket. “Wh-what is that thing?” she asks. “What the fuck is that?”

You have no choice but to swing the magic object in front of her, watching as her eyes flutter and roll, sending her into a trance. Fifi lets out a happy giggle, and now she lovingly snuggles up to her mom. “He does look really nice,” she says with a big smile on her face.

“See, I told you you’d love him,” Fifi says happily. “Do you think I could show him my goods?” Mom asks seductively. Your girlfriend approves, and you get an eyeful of Mom’s sweet, perky tits.

“Do you like that, honey?” Mom asks you. “I know you wanna see them.” She unfastens her bra, encouraging you to touch them, and even put one in your mouth. Soon, both girls are topless in front of you with big, silly smiles across their faces. Mom pulls down Fifi’s dress, then yanks down her yellow thong for you.

“How would you like to bend her over and stick it in her nice ass?” Mom asks, her hands running against her daughter’s juicy ass. “Wouldn’t that feel good?” Fifi runs her fingers against her clit, “Oh, I’m so horny, Mommy.”

Mom encourages Fifi to get down on her knees and give you an unforgettable blowjob. Your girlfriend agrees, then kneels down in front of you, and her mom pushes her head up and down your cock, even making her choke on it for a minute.

“Mommy, do you think I could take him to my bedroom?” Fifi asks looking up at her mom. “Sure,” Mom replies. “And when you’re done, why don’t you invite Mommy in? It’s been a long, long time.”

Fifi gets up, completely nude and happier than ever, and asks you to follow her into the bedroom.

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Meet the Entranced Family