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Mother Son Body Swap Nyxon




He slips a pair of bulky headphones over her ears, presses a few buttons on his phone, and watches as his device begins to work.

Nyxon Body Swap

Mom’s eyes jolt open, then flutter for a few seconds before relaxing again. “Oh my god, it worked,” Aiden says as he sits up in Mom’s body. “It worked! I’m inside Mom.” He runs his new feminine hands against Mom’s beautiful body, excited that he can finally touch it the way he’s always wanted to.

“Now I know what’s it like to be her, to feel her…. Oh my god, I’m inside Mom!” Aiden says overwhelmed with happiness. “I’ve waited for this moment for so long,” he smiles, his hands exploring Mom’s perky tits. He lets her hands move further, slowly caressing her shaven pussy and juicy, voluptuous butt.

Eager to see Mom’s reflection as his own, Aiden stands up and looks into the mirror. “Wow,” he says almost mesmerized by his own appearance. He quickly opens her panty drawer, finding a few silky, sexy, satin ones to try on, and then plays dress up. “Look at that butt!” he says to himself shaking Mom’s ass. “Oh my gosh, this is even more amazing than I ever thought it would be.”

“I’m my mom!” Aiden says still in disbelief. “Mom, I love you…” He notices a pair of heels in the corner and quickly grabs them, “I’ve always wondered what it was like to wear my mom’s high heels.” He struggles to get them on, and once he does, attempts to walk in them, but fails as his legs turn into spaghetti. “Mom makes it looks so easy and flawless,” he says to himself before trying again.

Aiden Valentine continues to pick out a black, classy dress, still playing dress up and having fun in his mom’s gorgeous figure. “I look absolutely perfect,” he says smiling at himself in the mirror. He runs her hands down her soft legs, still overwhelmed at the thought of finally being inside of her.

Unfortunately for Aiden, the device only lasts for so long, and he finds himself starting to feel foggy-headed and dizzy. He falls backwards onto the bed, and after a few seconds, his mom takes over her own body. “What the-” she says opening her eyes. “What am I doing in the middle of the bed?”

Mom looks down to see that she’s dressed in her elegant, black dress and fancy high heels, “Did I fall asleep in this?” Although she’s confused, the overwhelming effect of the device has her exhausted, so she lies back down and quickly falls asleep without ever having a clue what happened.

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Mother Son Body Swap Nyxon


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